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Cusp of the Storm

In just a matter of minutes, the weather changed. The thin grey clouds became low and heavy. The wind picked up, whipping the Spanish moss around. The trees groaned against the storm. And the photographer was very content with the entire situation.

St. Charles Borromeo Cemetery
Grand Coteau, Louisiana
photographed 10.22.2017

Upon Row


Above-ground tombs like this are always a sign of a high water table. Or a low elevation. The camera’s GPS says the elevation of this place is 39.4 feet, which is actually relatively high for this part of Louisiana; there were many places that had elevations in the negative numbers.

It was a lovely cemetery, nicely kept with new white paint on rows and rows of markers.

St. Charles Borromeo Cemetery
St. Charles, Louisiana
photographed 1.9.2016

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