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Dead K Mart #4: Flagpole

Here’s the last of the dead K Mart photos, with the floodlight pointed toward nothing.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 3.12.2017

Dead K Mart #3: Loading Dock

This dead K Mart is on a lot that’s over 36 acres, which is a lot of empty space right in town.

But at least there’s an old mattress out by the loading docks.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 3.12.2017

Dead K Mart #2: Garden Center

I looked through all the windows that weren’t covered with brown paper. This was the garden center; everything’s gone except the row of advertising banners high on the wall.

According to the real estate listing for the property, the building is 178,158 square feet. It’s all empty now, of course. But way in the back, some lights have been left on – are we supposed to think someone’s home?

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 3.12.2017

Like looking through glass

I think I owe you an apology; the other day I posted a link to a song that wasn’t even by Bruce Cockburn. That must have been very confusing, as it went against everything that you expect from us here at One Day | One Image, musically.

So here’s Bruce.

And that funny-looking instrument he’s playing? It’s a charango.

Valentine Community Church
Valentine, Texas
photographed 7.11.2015

Three, and then another one

So, I might have been trying to be stealthy in an effort to get some photos of an interesting group of people. In an effort to cover what I was really up to (remember: I almost never photograph people!), I made a few photos of these chairs.

The chairs photo is blog-worthy. The ones of the interesting people? Nope.

Hyatt Hill Country Resort
San Antonio, Texas
photographed 11.26.2016

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