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Light, where once was darkness


A couple of years ago my friend Ehpem and I spent some time photographing an abandoned house. I was happy to see the way the light from the window bounced around inside of the cabinet; lucky for me that the sink was gone!

Jordan River, British Columbia
photographed 4.22.2015

Street Rhythm


I had a tripod. And a night where I felt like staying in. So naturally I amused myself by taking lots of photos of the various traffic patterns on the street below my hotel room. That’s a normal thing to do, right?

Seattle, Washington
photographed 4.19.2015

Shop window, selling shiny dreams


I don’t know why stores like this almost always catch my attention. It’s not like I’m currently in the market for sparkly dresses. Or was ever in the market for sparkly dresses, for that matter.

Maybe it’s the way the light bounces around from bead to sequin to rhinestone? Or maybe there are deep-seated psychological reasons that no one wants me to deal with here on the blog.

But, at any rate, I spotted this last summer and couldn’t resist making the shot.

East Las Olas Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
photographed 6.23.2016

Cooling Systems


Well, wasn’t this place accommodating to overheated travelers? It’s got a nice variety of cooling options available, for cars and for people.

Too bad it’s out of business. (And I am pretty sure it’s been torn down recently.)

Santa Rosa, New Mexico
photographed 5.4.2013



For only a few stacked quarters (according to the instructions), you, too, can have an automatically-focused view!

Garden of the Gods
Colorado Springs, Colorado
photographed 9.1.2016

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