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Light, where once was darkness


A couple of years ago my friend Ehpem and I spent some time photographing an abandoned house. I was happy to see the way the light from the window bounced around inside of the cabinet; lucky for me that the sink was gone!

Jordan River, British Columbia
photographed 4.22.2015

My friend who knows me well


I’m close to starting my 8th year of daily blogging; one of the things that I never anticipated when I started was the possibility of making friends along the way. But it happened, which just proves (once again) that I don’t know everything.*

One of my best blogging friends is Ehpem, and I’ve been lucky enough to make a couple of trips up his way. On my most recent trip, he took me to this place, because he knew I’d love to see some nice abandoned buildings.

Jordan River, BC
photographed 4.22.2015

*That reminds me when my son was about 6, and went to school with a girl named Kim Thompson. From what I could gather, Kim’s family had fairly rigid rules about what girls and boys were “supposed” to do, and Nathan quoted those rules often. He’d say, “Kim Thompson says boys don’t wear pink.” or “Kim Thompson says boys aren’t supposed to learn how to cook.” One night, in exasperation, I said, “Kim Thompson doesn’t know everything.” The next day, I got this report from Nathan: Kim Thompson says she does too know everything.

Of course, that doesn’t have anything to do with, well, anything. But it still makes me laugh.

A disturbing announcement


This alley-way announcement is the opposite of this one..

Victoria, BC
photographed 8.3.2014

Spiral Portal


I’d seen this particular bit of tar-based whimsey before, on Ehpem’s blog. Like many of his images, this one stuck with me and so I was happy to get to see if for myself during last month’s trip to Victoria (and beyond). I like how it reflects the light, and how, if you squint just right, it looks like an opening…

No? That last part is just me? That is not the first time that’s happened. If you can imagine!

Victoria, British Columbia

Sea-placed Rocks


On my recent trip with Ehpem, we stopped by Botanical Beach, where I spotted these rocks, the smaller ones forced by the sea’s power into the crevice in the larger stone. Eventually, of course, all of them will be ground into sand.

near Port Renfrew, British Columbia
photographed 4.22.2015

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