My friend who knows me well


I’m close to starting my 8th year of daily blogging; one of the things that I never anticipated when I started was the possibility of making friends along the way. But it happened, which just proves (once again) that I don’t know everything.*

One of my best blogging friends is Ehpem, and I’ve been lucky enough to make a couple of trips up his way. On my most recent trip, he took me to this place, because he knew I’d love to see some nice abandoned buildings.

Jordan River, BC
photographed 4.22.2015

*That reminds me when my son was about 6, and went to school with a girl named Kim Thompson. From what I could gather, Kim’s family had fairly rigid rules about what girls and boys were “supposed” to do, and Nathan quoted those rules often. He’d say, “Kim Thompson says boys don’t wear pink.” or “Kim Thompson says boys aren’t supposed to learn how to cook.” One night, in exasperation, I said, “Kim Thompson doesn’t know everything.” The next day, I got this report from Nathan: Kim Thompson says she does too know everything.

Of course, that doesn’t have anything to do with, well, anything. But it still makes me laugh.

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  1. It made me laugh, too.

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  2. I too had no idea that the internet could produce friends and am glad to have met a few over the years of blogging! The idea of daily blogging for 8 years makes me hyperventilate!

    I really like how you have switched the interest to the building in the background. Each time I have photographed this place I shoot the whole building in front because of its shape and that of the drift wood around the lawn. I’ve been totally missing these interesting layers.

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  3. Got a grin from that story. I suppose Kim’s husband is regulated by Kim very much eh….


  4. It made me smile as well…I wonder what Kim is up to these days…


  5. You write well. Do it more please.


    • Thanks, John. My real job is writing grants; I’ve been pretty busy lately with a huge grant that’s taken away some of my interest in writing blog posts. It’s done now, so maybe I’ll have more time/energy to write things here on the blog.


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