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No One Passes


We took a tiny road at the turn because of the sign that said Historical Missions. We spotted the church tower easily but had to drive past it for a while to find a place to turn around: the already-narrow road was down to one lane from a recent snow.

On our way back, we saw about a dozen identical black and white cats eating from a metal bowl on a porch. We drove within a couple of feet of them; only one glanced up at us, flicked its tail, and turned back to dinner. We were of no importance.

The church, when we eventually did get there, was snowbound, and I was happy to be able to see what it looked like with no one having been there recently. The sign out front said the church was built in 1764, a reminder of just how long there’ve been European settlers in this part of New Mexico.

(On an unrelated note, today ends my 7th year of daily blogging. What started as a whim – on Blogspot! – has turned into so much more than I could have even imagined when I started. Thanks to everyone for the follows, likes, comments. And most of all, for the friendships that’ve come my way. Who even knew that was a possibility?! Here’s to an other seven, or so, years!)

Truchas, New Mexico
photographed 12.24.2015

The year in review

Its Cold Grip


Winter held the cemetery near Las Truchas in its cold grip, a marked change from the the conditions when I was there in March.

Las Truchas, New Mexico
photographed 12.24.2015

Construction sometimes starts with deconstruction


I got the chance the other day to tour around a construction site. Actually, it was just at the edge of a transformation between deconstruction and construction.

The workers had left for the day, which made it easier for a non-people-photographer. My contact had told me about some interesting shadows inside the place, and sure enough: there they were!

And, I try to not play favorites with my images or guilt my viewers into clicking “like” but this is one of my favorite images I’ve made in a while. Just so you know.

in downtown Lubbock
Lubbock, Texas
photographed 12.21.15



The day was partly cloudy and the first shot I made was without sunshine. Almost instantly, though, the clouds moved, giving me time to make a shot with shadows that repeat themselves all the way down to the river.

The River Walk
San Antonio, Texas
photographed 9.5.2015

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