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How to Leave


I love some nice signage.

This is straightforward, and graceful with the way the bold strokes of the letters are enhanced by the narrow lines behind them. And also – the meaning is clear, and nothing is misspelled.

The Pearl
San Antonio, Texas
photographed 10.24.2014

Dream, 10


I dreamt there was no escape.

And there wasn’t….

San Antonio, Texas
photographed 10.24.2014

Bus Shelter Tree


I didn’t intend for this to turn into a series showing how spring appeared in New Mexico, but that’s what happened.

First, there was this image, which I made on March 22 in Santa Fe, of a tree without any new leaves. Then there’s this shot, from March 24, showing trees just about to burst into full bloom.

And now, today, is a photo that I made in March 26, at a bus shelter in Albuquerque. One tree is newly leafed, and the other one is exuberantly clad in white blossoms.

These are nice lessons to remember now that winter has arrived: there’s hope.

Albuquerque, New Mexico
photographed 3.26.2015

Guest Check


I guess this is the indoor version of my practice of looking around back – while I was at this diner, I looked at the order window just to see what was there. It was approximately what I expected to see.

the order window at Lindy’s
Albuquerque, New Mexico
photographed 3.26.2015

The Silent Waiting


Sometimes when I look through dusty windows into vacated spaces, it looks like things were left behind. And usually, it looks like the tenants left in a bit of a hurry and maybe left some things that they’ll want later.

There’s something about this scene, though, that makes me feel like the items in the room were just moved in, and are waiting silently for the rest of the stuff to catch up.

Taos, New Mexico
photographed 3.24.2015

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