White on white


The backs of things.

Sometimes they are better than the side, or the front, as these views of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church show.

(It wasn’t just this church: here’s the back of St. Mary of the Assumption Church, in Megargel, Texas.)

Petrolia, California
photographed 7.30.2012


It is very bright inside the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport. Even the sky cooperated (it had snowed the night before) and was a hazy white.  This terminal is relatively new, and I like the 1960s vibe from the light fixtures.

Detroit, Michigan
photographed 4.20.2013


No matter how quaint Indian Lodge, somewhere, there’s got to be the mechanical stuff that keeps the place running. While it may not be as lovely as the adobe walls from yesterday, I think there’s still a certain charm here.

Davis Mountains State Park, Texas
photographed 11.11.2010


I was taking a walk. I was taking a walk, with my camera. It was late afternoon, and look at what the sun did to this window, the tape residue, and the blinds!

I was glad I had the camera.

North 6th Street
Alpine, Texas

photographed 8.16.2013


I liked this airport; it was tiny but there were quite a few interesting things to look at.

But however interesting it was, it didn’t obscure the fact that I was leaving Paradise. Literally – the name of the resort was Paradise.

Matei Airport
Taveuni Island, Fiji

photographed 7.6.2013


On the top level of a parking garage along South Beverly Drive, I spotted this bit of graffiti. And a security camera. Or, perhaps more accurately, a “security” camera.

Beverly Hills, California
photographed 6.26.2013


The bars on the window are designed to permit the casement windows to open part-way.  But judging from the amount of thick paint on those window frames, I’d say that flat bars would have worked, too.

But these make a better shadow.

Hart, Texas
photographed 9.27.2008


If you look closely, you may recognize the statue from this post. Obviously the columns are made from a more permanent stone than that dissolving angel.

Graceland Cemetery
Chicago, Illinois
photographed 4.16.2013


Yep, I am that person, the one taking pictures at the airport.

But here’s the thing: we weren’t familiar with the airport so planned for plenty of time to check bags and go through security. There wasn’t a line to check bags. There wasn’t a line at security. That left a lot of time before our flight left. And I had to do something besides listen to the women on the next row of chairs talk about hair color and highlights and lowlights and….well, that’s when I picked up the camera and walked away.

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport
Detroit, Michigan
photographed 4.20.2013


The calendar led me to believe it might be warm; it was the third week of April, after all.  It was not warm; it wasn’t even cool.  So my day of photographing rural Michigan devolved into whatever I could shoot in brief forays from the car.

Fortunately, the caretaker’s shack at this cemetery was close by and I was able to get a few shots before my fingers got too cold to work the shutter release.  (And, yes, I DID have gloves.  But gloves that are really toasty in Texas are mostly just decorative in Michigan.)

This side of the building, the west, had a lot more peeling paint than the other sides.  That, plus what I observed that day, make me think that harsh winds from the west occur with some degree of regularity.  In that way, it was a lot like home.

Oak Grove Cemetery
Manchester, Michigan
photographed 4.19.2013


Remember how, in the White on White, 4 post, I mentioned the possibility of perhaps using shots taken somewhere other than Texas?

Here we go: New Mexico!

3rd Street SW, between Central and Gold Avenues
Albuquerque, New Mexico
photographed 9.2.2012


Back by popular demand (I am looking at you, Oneowner and Ehpem!): entry number four in the white on white series.

Other shots in the series include:
Alpine, Texas.
Alpine, Texas, again.
Marfa, Texas.

Who knows? Possibly in the future I will leave Texas in search of more entries.

A county building.
Colorado City, Texas
photographed 3.13.2013


The front entrance to Carmen’s Restaurant. The side of the building was previously featured here.

It’s also the third entry in the White on White series. You can find the first two here and here.

Marfa, Texas
photographed 1.21.2113


Second in the series of white/white.

This is the door to the hotel room, which was actually an apartment in a building that used to be a hospital. If you ever find yourself needing overnight accommodations in Alpine, go to the Holland Hotel and ask for room 103 of the Wright Building. Then you can see this for yourself.

Alpine, Texas
photographed 1.18.2013


How to know you’ve gone crazy with the picture-taking:
1. You stand in the bathtub to take a picture of the hotel bathroom, because you “like all the shades of white.”

2. Really? That wasn’t enough evidence to convince you?

the Holland Hotel
Alpine, Texas
photographed 1.19.2013

  1. Love number twelve! Your words, so spare and to the point, are a great complement to the images. So is the look of the blog. All of a piece.


  2. I love the concept here. Great photos!


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