Boarding lounge


The benches at the open air boarding lounge at the airport are well-worn by the comings and goings of visitors to the island.

If you’re not up to the hour and half flight over from the international airport at Nadi, the only other way to get to Taveuni is via ferry.  We were told that the crossing takes between 18 and 30 hours, which is kind of a wide range, and cuts significantly into a vacation.  The plane’s looking like a better option, isn’t it?

Matei Airport
Taveuni Island, Fiji

photographed 7.6.2013

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  1. I like the shading in this. It’s perfect for B&W conversion.
    18-30 hours? Nothing like a tight schedule.


    • I know! I used to work in the public transit business, and our schedules were to the minute, so a half-day difference is impossible for me to understand!

      I liked the way the worn wood showed up in b&w – it was barely noticeable in color.


  2. I am thinking that those 30 hour crossings must be hell on water – typhoons, driving rain of the sort that scours skin down to bone, mountainous seas, flying sharks landing in your bunk, albatrosses tangling around necks and copious, chronic exhausting cascades of vomit.

    So yes, the plane’s looking the better option. Even if the seats are akin to these benches.


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