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And so it goes


This town is becoming one of my favorite locations to photograph. And so it happened that on a sunny Sunday, my patient spouse and his sweet sister agreed to accompany me on a trip to see what needed its photo made. (He knew what he was in for. The Sweet Sister may have been shocked. Or bored. It was hard to tell. But she remained sweet, either way.)

Anyway, on that trip I found this weed, doing that thing that weeds do: taking over, one flower spike at a time.

Spur, Texas
photographed 5.24.2015

Spiral Portal


I’d seen this particular bit of tar-based whimsey before, on Ehpem’s blog. Like many of his images, this one stuck with me and so I was happy to get to see if for myself during last month’s trip to Victoria (and beyond). I like how it reflects the light, and how, if you squint just right, it looks like an opening…

No? That last part is just me? That is not the first time that’s happened. If you can imagine!

Victoria, British Columbia

Sea-placed Rocks


On my recent trip with Ehpem, we stopped by Botanical Beach, where I spotted these rocks, the smaller ones forced by the sea’s power into the crevice in the larger stone. Eventually, of course, all of them will be ground into sand.

near Port Renfrew, British Columbia
photographed 4.22.2015

Lace Leaf


If you’ve been around here lately, you may remember that my friend Ehpem and I recently had a Canada-based photography adventure. (Here’s our co-posting project) He planned out a trip that let me see a lot more than just the city, including this lacy leaf and another, unidentified but still lovely, item that we found when we made a stop along the road.

near Lake Cowichan, British Columbia
photographed 4.22.2015

One building, a lot of information


Goodness. There’s a lot going on at this tiny building. We learn that only one employee may park here. We note that the door seems very well secured. We can see that it is a “tobacco environment.” And then…there it is: irony.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 5.15.2015

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