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I was getting ready to take a photography class that required the use of only one lens, a 50mm. That’s not my preferred lens, so I thought that maybe I needed to practice a little bit with it before heading off for a class.

And that’s how the photo of this…thing, I guess we’ll call it…came about.

Lubbock County, Texas
photographed 8.22.2021

The thing about living in Lubbock is that if you go somewhere and meet some random people, you can talk to them for just a few minutes and figure out that you’ve got a heretofore unknown connection with them. Just last night, I met a man named Wicker, and it turns out that he owns this thing. And the thing has a name! It’s a part of an abandoned cotton gin called a burr tower. In its previous life, it held the cotton burrs that were removed from the cotton during the ginning process. Also, though, Wicker says he also calls it the “alien spider.”


There are a lot of high-quality signs out here in this part of Texas. These signs are not included in that group.

This building only recently became a game room, and at first that was announced via the words painted right on the building, something my camera captured more than my eye noticed. My guess is that the landlord gave that plan a big “nope” and the first sign was painted out and was then replaced by the current, missing-the-last-letter sign that’s there now.

At any rate, I was so very happy to find this place. (For the photographic opportunities, not for the games.)

Lubbock County, Texas
photographed 7.31.2021

…and then one day, no one returned

I’ve written about this before, about the mysterious things just get left behind when a business closes or moves away. This one looks like no one there knew it was the last time – the centerpieces moved off the tables for cleaning, the spray bottle down there on the bar, someone’s COVID mask left behind.

It feels like the last two people there said, “Yeah. That’s enough for today – we’ll come back on Saturday to finish up.” Only….

Lubbock County, Texas
photographed 5.16.2021

Book Burning 2: Crisis Forecasting

This photograph is the absolute truth: a book open to a chapter titled Crisis Forecasting was right there at the scene of the fire.

Sometimes I think finding things like this is the very reason I became a photographer.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 3.38.2021

Book Burning 1: Ansel Adams

There was a fire in downtown Lubbock last month; some apartments, a barbershop, and a used book store were destroyed. Naturally, my camera and I went out to look around; by the day I explored, the salvageable things (metal joists, mostly) had been pulled out to one side and everything else was pushed into a pile. And, shining like a beacon from the pile was Ansel Adams’s autobiography.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 3.38.2021

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