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LotLotLot (for sale)

Of course, when this town was settled and named Mecca, it was a name with great connotations, with grand visions of a beautiful life beside a thriving inland sea.

Now it seems sort of an ironic name.

But there ARE lots and lots of lots for sale.

Mecca, California
photographed 2.13.2022


A long ribbon of birds, heading to roost for the night, are reflected in the foreground puddle.

Salton Sea, California
photographed 2.10.2022

Date, palms



The patterns made by trunks of date palms are surprisingly complex and captivating.

near Mecca, California
photographed 2.13.2022

the seeker

And you’re limned
In light, golden and thin

(A pair of lines from Bruce Cockburn’s lovely song “Look How Far” seem particularly relevant here.)

Bombay Beach
Salton Sea, California
photographed 2.12.2022

three arrows

I get the idea – which is very subtly presented – that maybe drivers need to turn to the right.

near Calipatria, California
photographed 2.12.2022

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