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Shiprock, in the smoke and in a hurry

Last summer, we took a long road trip; most of the trip was under skies made hazy from western wildfires. And part of the longest days of driving were conducted under Extreme Boredom Conditions. This photo is an illustration of what happens under EBCs, when I pull out a camera and just…hit the shutter. It was interesting (at least to me) that the speed blurred the road sign at about the same degree that the smoke hazed over Shiprock, off in the distance.

Shiprock, New Mexico
photographed 9.7.2020


Someone carefully tends to this roadside memorial: a sadder task is hard to imagine.

Clovis, New Mexico
photographed 6.6.2021

It was in tatters faster than expected

That thin fabric was little match for the knife-edge of the broken glass. It only took a couple of strong wind storms for the glass to start to saw the curtains; it all went downhill from there.

Lazbuddie, Texas
photographed 6.6.2021

Source of Power

As I mentioned yesterday, I will always look inside abandoned buildings. And I will frequently photograph the interiors through dirty windows; most always the camera catches more than my own eyes will see so it’s fun to look at the images later to see what I got in the photograph. The Patient Spouse is convinced that one of these days either the camera or I will see something awful…to date, he’s always been wrong. Fingers crossed….

Fort Stanton, New Mexico
photographed 4.25.2021

Baptistry, after the fall

This was a first: in all my times I’ve looked inside an abandoned church, this was the first time I spotted a collapsed baptistry. That’s why I will continue to look inside as many abandoned buildings as I can: because you just never know when you’ll see something new.

Also, this is the place where a pair of dogs came up behind me, suddenly, causing me to have my regular reaction when unknown dogs get close to me: I always assume they are there because they want to eat my leg(s). So far, I’ve been wrong every time and I hope to never be right.

Bellview, New Mexico 
photographed 6.5.2021

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