It was just a matter of time

With various dollar stores all over the place, it was just a matter of time until two of them ended up as shopping center neighbors.

I sort of imagine the two store managers standing in the parking lot hurling insults at each other and was a little sad that was not happening when I was there…

Roswell, New Mexico
photographed 5.22.2021

Varied Menu Options

If you can get to town before this place closes (we didn’t make it because *someone* had to stop too many times to make photos), there is a wide variety of menu options to choose from. I would have probably ordered up a snow cone to go with my steak – I’ll have to leave Lubbock earlier the next time, I guess.

Tatum, New Mexico
photographed 5.22.2021

Sometimes the way will be blocked

A tiny shrine, with believers held at bay with a rope: a reminder that sometimes our way will be blocked.

Fort Stanton, New Mexico
photographed 4.25.2021

The Thing

Were you looking for this thing? Because I found it over in New Mexico the other day.

Fort Stanton, New Mexico
photographed 4.25.2021

…and then one day, no one returned

I’ve written about this before, about the mysterious things just get left behind when a business closes or moves away. This one looks like no one there knew it was the last time – the centerpieces moved off the tables for cleaning, the spray bottle down there on the bar, someone’s COVID mask left behind.

It feels like the last two people there said, “Yeah. That’s enough for today – we’ll come back on Saturday to finish up.” Only….

Lubbock County, Texas
photographed 5.16.2021

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