The sporadic fence


That last night, everything seemed to be a photograph.

Alpine, Texas
photographed 7.24.2016

Proofing time

Photographer Mark Krajnak and I are neighbors in the print catalog for a show at PhotoPlace Gallery in Vermont; Mark was nice enough to post it on his blog!

JerseyStyle Photography

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_The Photo Place_Mock up_072916_

I had a chance recently to proof the Photo Place Gallery catalog for the “B&W” exhibit that my Burn Time photo was selected for.

All looked good to me. As long as they spelled Krajnak correctly, I’m cool.

As I looked at the comp page, though, I noticed the image and text opposite my image.

All Alone On Solead Street by Melinda Green Harvey, a photographer based in Texas.

Heh. Her image, and that title sounds quite noir-ish. Maybe the catalog designer planned it that way.

If so, that’s pretty cool. Her’s is a cool image, too. Click the link above to check out more of her great work.

Something else I noticed as flipped through the rest of the catalog….my friend, and photojournalist extraordinaire David Burnett has as picture in the exhibit as well.

(c)David Burnett_JerseyStyle Photography_072016

Even before I read who shot it, I was thinking “That looks like…

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Laundromat, early morning


An early morning walk – I was trying to catch the cool part of the desert day – gave me a very nice view of this laundromat.

Alpine, Texas
photographed 7.25.2016

Where the deer and the antelope play


A gruesome little scene beside the road.

along US Highway 90
Brewster County, Texas
photographed 7.24.2016

Prada Marfa (alternate view)


You’ve probably seen photos of Prada Marfa (and here’s an explanation of it). I’ve been to the site a couple of times, but never stopped. The other day, though, I went out there for the express purpose of shooting an image of the back of it, because I couldn’t stand to think of making yet another image of the front.

The Photography Gods smiled on me, and I was able to get a non-normal image of the place.

Valentine, Texas
photographed 7.23.2016


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