That one night in Paris

Summer sunsets in Paris are late – nearly 10:00 – so you’ve got to stay up late to see the city in full darkness.

But it’s worth it to get to see the urban landscape, decorated with people enjoying the mild summer night, in darkness.

Paris, France
photographed 6.10.2017

Her Own Pace

I saw this scene from a bus window. It’s easy to tell that the woman exasperated by the little girl’s pace along the sidewalk. And it’s also clear that the little girl doesn’t care one bit: she’s quite comfortable with the way her day is unfolding.

Paris, France
photographed 6.8.2017

Art Fan/Fan Art

You know, of course, that I like to look around the backs of things. And I also like to look up – ceilings are more interesting than maybe you’d think. This lovely ceiling-plus-skylight-plus-fan was inside an artist’s studio at Houston’s Silo at Sawyer Yards.

Sawyer Yards
Houston, Texas
photographed 1.13.2018

Alternating Current

And here we are in Houston, at a very cool art space called The Silos at Sawyer Yards; it’s an area of old warehouses and silos and etc. that have been repurposed as arts spaces. As it happened, our visit coincided with the monthly Second Saturday event, when studios are open, so we were able to look at art and visit with the artists.

The Silos are part of a larger arts area in Houston – you can read about that right here.

And, if you do have a reason to go to Houston, think about adding this to your itinerary. And if you don’t have a reason to go to Houston, a visit to to Sawyer Yards and all the adjacent artsy stuff is reason enough to plan a visit.

Sawyer Yards
Houston, Texas
photographed 1.13.2018

(rest)room with a view

…and since the men’s latrine wasn’t locked, I was able to see this restroom-based view of the church. It’s become one of my favorite images from my day of touring painted churches.

(Tomorrow, we’ll move on to another topic.)

Saints Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church
Dubina, Texas
photographed 1.12.2018

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