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Meanwhile, tonight at the drive-in movies – nothing will be showing. Please make other plans.

Lamesa, Texas
photographed 5.2.2021

Picture Show

I don’t know. Sometimes when I travel around my part of Texas it starts to get easy to believe that it’s all going to crap. These little towns, with their declining population and shaky economies, just look sadder every time I see them. Businesses go way leaving their now-useless husks behind. Yet out on the edge of town, dollar stores are sprouting up like weeds.

But on the other hand, if they were all precious little towns with wineries and boutiques and quaint overnight accommodations, I wouldn’t really have anything to photograph.

All of that is a sort of long way to get around to this photo of what used to be the Sky-Vue Drive-in Theater. It opened in 1948 with a capacity for 583 cars and seating for 320 walk-in patrons and remained in business until a fire destroyed the concession stand in November 2015.

Lamesa, Texas
photographed 5.2.2021

Big Screen

I thought about making myself believe that the screen was turning into a cloud and floating away.

Or, alternatively, that the cloud was solidifying itself and becoming the screen.

Either way was equally likely.

Lamesa, Texas
photographed 5.2.2021

Where do white doors lead?


Near downtown Lamesa, if you wander down the right street, you’ll find this side yard of a business. There’s something about that white door that seems a bit menacing….

Lamesa, Texas

photograped 3.19.2012

Outdoor plumbing


On the other side of this building, is a nice little tableaux that includes corrugated metal, a pair of square windows, and a toilet. Although of course, the toilet isn’t functional: there’s not a flush lever. Yeah – that’s the only thing that keeps it from being operational.

Also, some might suggest (Ahem, Ehpem – I am looking at you) a certain Mondrian-esque quality to this shot. Perhaps another haiku is in order?

Lamesa, Texas

photographed 1.17.2013

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