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I didn’t realize what I had for those few years I lived in New Mexico; mostly the Patient Spouse and I were ready to move somewhere else – anywhere else! – from the minute we arrived. I was, clearly, an idiot for thinking the state had “nothing to offer” and “nothing to see” and “nothing to do.” Seriously, this was here all along.

Admittedly, that pile of old clothes there by the fence isn’t all that gorgeous but it does add a certain depth to the image, with the way it echos the shape of the cloud. And anyway, embrace those imperfections, right?

near Española, New Mexico
photographed 9.1.2019

by the same winds that blew

Curves going one way, and the wind the other, creating a dangerous situation for drivers. (So, naturally, it seemed like a really great place to pull of the road to get a photograph.)

near Encino, New Mexico
photographed 5.25.2019

It was curtains for this place

It was apparent that this place was no longer in use, which made those curtains that much sadder, somehow.

And look! Even more yucca.

House, New Mexico
photographed 5.25.2019

The Yucca Field

I suppose there is a good reason for a field of yucca to flourish, when all the surrounding spots are largely yucca-free. It’s just that I don’t know what it is.

(Here’s what I DO know: pants and/or snake boots would have been a less scratchy option than my skort-and-Converse outfit.) (And on a completely unrelated note, does anyone know where I could purchase snake boots?)

House, New Mexico
photographed 5.25.2019

Stormy Gap

We would shortly outrun the clouds, but for a few minutes it looked like rain was likely.

Melrose, New Mexico
photographed 5.25.2019

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