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That sky, though

Most of the time we were in the Palouse, the skies were obscured by smoke from the western wildfires. This one day, though, the shifting wind and the photography gods presented me with a lovely gift.

near Palouse, Washington
photographed 9.3.2020


Information from Data USA says that various manufacturing businesses in Raceland employ a total of 604 people; I guess some of them work over there at the place with the plumes rising to meet the clouds.

(Also, the photo behind the statistical information shows a scene from the French Quarter in New Orleans, which IS NOT anything like what you’ll see in Raceland. FYI.)

Raceland, Louisiana
photographed 1.9.2016

Cloud Swirl

My rule to look around back came in handy the other night. We’d gone out to try to see the comet NEOWISE but the clouds made that plan unworkable. I turned around to see what was behind us (photographically speaking), and that’s when I spotted this fantastic cloud.

Pearce Cemetery
Hale County, Texas
photographed 7.18.2020

I can’t stop the rain

Me, looking at map and at clouds: We’ll need to stop in Moran. I can find something there to put in the foreground.

Patient Spouse:

Moran, Texas
photographed 5.22.2020

Taken by Storm


Sometimes we’ll go an entire spring season without any storms to speak of. This is not one of those years; between where we stopped for this shot and our house (80 miles) we:

  • saw this storm
  • skirted a storm that had a tornado
  • pulled off the road to let storm ahead of us move out of the way
  • saw power poles just a block from our house leaning over from wind
  • made it home just minutes before yet another storm hit

It was one of very few times in my life when the weather has frightened me.

near Clairemont, Texas
photographed 5.23.2020

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