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Falls & Fence

My challenge always is, when I’m in a place that’s been photographed a lot, is to find a different angle. Sometimes I’m successful, and other times I’m not…

Palouse Falls State Park, Washington
photographed 9.2.2020


Of course we did – of course we made a day trip over to see Palouse Falls. It is the State Waterfall, after all, and is also among the last active waterfalls on the Ice Age floods path.

The park’s website notes that it is a “remote recreational experience.” The park’s website is not wrong.

Palouse Falls State Park, Washington
photographed 9.2.2020


If I were going to sit on a bench by a river, I’d want to maybe SEE the river. I’m sort of weird that way.

Wawawai County Park
Whitman County, Washington
photographed 9.4.2020

Open Range

As much as we loved the Palouse, we did have to go home.

The day we drove from Park City, Utah, to Farmington, New Mexico, was a day of extremely smoky skies; the smoke obscured almost all of what was there to look at. But if I’d been enchanted by the natural scenery, there’s a chance I would have missed this cast-off stove beside the railroad tracks.

near Moab, Utah
photographed 9.7.2020

Tip from a local resident

Here’s a tip, in case you find yourself in Colfax, Washington, at lunch: go to the Top Notch Cafe, whose sign says they have the best burgers in the United States. The sign is not wrong.

And the proprietor of the place, after determining that I was in fact a photographer, said, “So, you DO know about the covered bridge, don’t you?” I did not know about it, and he kindly provided directions to it, which is the only reason that this photograph came to be.

And, also the only reason that I found my favorite memento of the trip. On the edge of the dirt road leading to the bridge, I spotted a little pile of animal bones. Naturally, I saved one, a flat one that’s about two inches long and a half-inch wide. I gave it a name, too, and it rode along with us and now resides on the shelf-o-randomness in my office, where it keeps company with a toy soldier (painted gold) that I found on a sidewalk in Portland, Oregon, a glow-in-the-dark archangel Michael, etc. Anyway, the bone’s name is Leon Roadbone, of course after this guy.)

Ryan McGinty, an excellent Palouse photographer, posted on my Instagram account that this bridge burned down in a wildfire on September 7. “You have one of the last photos of this bridge,” he said. You can read about the bridge here.

near Colfax, Washington
photographed 9.1.2020

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