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My parents had visited this town on a trip to Nova Scotia. By the time I made a trip to Nova Scotia, my mom had passed away and my dad was in hospice care.

But I remembered my dad’s souvenir from this town, a vintage brass alidade that he held on his lap (carefully boxed up) on the flight home. Later, he spent several months polishing the brass until it looked like it was new. It was his pride and joy.

So it seemed right, that as he lay dying back home, I’d take a short detour to Annapolis Royal and sit by the water and think about his alidade. And him.

(Oh, and what’s an alidade? It’s a surveying or navigational tool used to sight distant objects. His introduction to the field of engineering was working on a surveying crew, and his Nova Scotian souvenir was surely a reminder of his youthful years.)

Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
photographed 7.27.2015


Late afternoon utility line shadow crosses the church’s facade.

Brooklyn, Nova Scotia
photographed 8.2.2015


Most of the time in Nova Scotia we stayed as close to the ocean as we could get. Like many people who grew up on the Plains, I am most comfortable when I can see a long horizon in front of me. Oceans provide this, of course, and also add in some foreground scenery that’s definitely not what I am used to seeing below a horizon line.

One day we decided to head toward the middle, away from the ocean. And that’s how we happened up on this little piece of the Mersey River.

Milton, Nova Scotia
photographed 8.2.2015

in front of all this beauty

A lighthouse up the hill behind me, and the north Atlantic way down there, shrouded in the fog. It was lovely.

Cape Forchu Lighthouse
Cape Forchu, Nova Scotia
photographed 8.3.2015


One of the best trips I’ve been on was this one, two weeks in Nova Scotia. I’d happily return any time.

I was shooting for a specific project at the time, and never really posted anything else from the trip. And I’ve gotten a little weary of all the Texas and New Mexico stuff I’ve been posting, so here’s a short pivot north. This particular scene includes a lot of things I’m not used to shooting: oceans, rain, fishing shacks, buoys, boats. Oh, and trees and hills.

Whale Cove, Nova Scotia
photographed 7.28.2015

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