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Laundry Day

My mom told me one time that her Aunt Debbie had a technique where she’d fold a fitted sheet as she was taking it down from the clothesline. I can barely fold one that’s in a pile on the bed and warm from the dryer.

But, anyway, I saw laundry on the line nearly every day of our trip to Nova Scotia.

Mavillette, Nova Scotia
photographed 7.29.2015

Must be the Easter Bunny’s storeroom

You know that if I was looking at and photographing the front of a church, I sure did walk around back to see what was there. And that’s how I found the storeroom with oeuf boxes stacked up. Naturally, the only conclusion is that I found where the Easter Bunny stores their eggs until they need them.

Église Catholique Sainte-Marie
Church Point, Nova Scotia
photographed 7.26.2015

Delicious treats (and fog)

Over dinner the night before, we chatted with a lovely women who was from Church Point. She strongly urged us to visit the town, which is famous for its church. And, of course, the side hustle of snacks is probably equally important.

Church Point, Nova Scotia
photographed 7.29.2015

Unsafe Harbour

Why yes, random sign. I concur that the harbor does appear to be dangerous. If the piles of stuff on the ground are any indication, anyway.

Whale Cove, Nova Scotia
photographed 7.28.2015

Back Yard

Here’s another image from Nova Scotia. It’s a pano, made from two images. Because why do something the easy way, when you can made it much more complicated?

near Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
photographed 7.27.2015

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