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My parents had visited this town on a trip to Nova Scotia. By the time I made a trip to Nova Scotia, my mom had passed away and my dad was in hospice care.

But I remembered my dad’s souvenir from this town, a vintage brass alidade that he held on his lap (carefully boxed up) on the flight home. Later, he spent several months polishing the brass until it looked like it was new. It was his pride and joy.

So it seemed right, that as he lay dying back home, I’d take a short detour to Annapolis Royal and sit by the water and think about his alidade. And him.

(Oh, and what’s an alidade? It’s a surveying or navigational tool used to sight distant objects. His introduction to the field of engineering was working on a surveying crew, and his Nova Scotian souvenir was surely a reminder of his youthful years.)

Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
photographed 7.27.2015

Implementing a Vision


The thing I’ve noticed is that when I make photos in a place I only visit one time, I have a weird tendency to think that everything I saw/photographed is going to always look exactly the way it did when I saw it. (Yes, yes I do need to get over myself.)

When I was working on this post the other day, I thought it might be nice to include the name of the shipyard, so I headed over to Google maps. There wasn’t a sign or anything to indicate the name of the business, but I did notice that the street view image was made in October 2015, only three months after my visit. And there was an entirely different ship* there! Because of my weird tendency and my complete ignorance about how long these sorts of things take, I was really surprised when I realized what was going on.

It doesn’t take much, some days.

Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
photographed 7.27.2015

*Or is it a boat? I really don’t know…

Down by the water


First of all, where I am from the term “river” does not necessarily imply “water.” So the idea that a river has enough water to have tides? That sort of messed with me. And this river has high tides, as it’s on the famous Bay of Fundy, home of the highest tides in the world.

And the other thing is that this reminded me of a song. You know the song I mean – Down by the Water by the Decemberists.

Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
photographed 7.27.2015

Red, as an accent color


Wait, what did I do here? Did I mean to post a color image?


But only because I like the way those spots of red flow through the image, from the steps to the bands by the doorway, to the bench, to the boat to the quilt. And even to that dot of red on the sidewalk.

Nicely done, red things. Nicely done.

Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
photographed 7.27.2015

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