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the damage and the dying done

We only had a very short time to visit this cemetery; a whole day wouldn’t have been enough. I had to hurry…and fell into the trap of being so busy taking pictures that I failed to slow down and take in the feeling of the place, to really SEE what was there. (For this, I have no excuse: a have a tattoo on my wrist that says, “Take time to see.” I didn’t even take time to read my own ink.)

But anyway, here’s a mausoleum with a reflection.

And, because I was in a mood when I wrote this, I threw in a Bruce Cockburn line – the damage and the dying done – because I felt like it. (It’s from a beautiful spoken word piece “The Charity of Night.”)

Necrópolis Cristóbal Colón
Havana, Cuba 
photographed 11.11.2022


Sometimes the line between a brilliant photographic capture and a thing that *almost* worked is thin. Other times the dog’s front feet are off the ground and that makes the photographer laugh (even though she’s not particularly a dog person most of the time) and decide to post it anyway.

Havana, Cuba
photographed 11.11.2022

spring water

This day was like the best gift you’ve ever gotten.

For one thing: the wind wasn’t blowing. Those of you who are lucky enough to live in “normal” climates, where the wind is “gentle” and “soft” and “refreshing” probably don’t appreciate that as much as do those of us who live where the wind blows almost all the damn time. This day was so calm that it almost didn’t even seem real.

Another other thing was that almost every other time I’ve been here, it’s been packed with people. But this day, this calm and warm and peaceful day, was quiet: there were fewer than five other people in the whole place. (And three of them were scuba divers and were under water it’s almost like they don’t count..)

And that water! Oh, that crystal water.

Balmorhea State Park
Toyahvale, Texas
photographed 1.14.2023

to see the face of god

Do you see it? Do you see the face on that cross?

St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church
Oxford, Texas

photographed 2.19.2023

highway 16 goes both ways

Yes, in case you didn’t realize it, highway 16 does indeed go both ways. From right here, a right turn and 14 miles’ll get you the tiny town of Oxford. If that’s not your deal, you can go left for 2.3 to get to the intersection with Old Willow Road; that’ll open up just a world of opportunities, as long you’re OK with ending up in Willow City. Because that’s the only place the road will take you.

Eckert, Texas
photographed 2.19.2023

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