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holding it all together

Here’s this fence detail, for those of you who have ever wondered how a chain link fence is repaired. I mean, I realize that’s probably a very small demographic, but here at One Day | One Image, we strive to (occasionally) offer Actual Advice. And how lucky that today is one of those days!

Nashville, Tennessee
photographed 12.25.2021

Swept Away

This was a nice sight: a broom, an industrial-size dustpan, and one footprint.

Lebanon, Tennessee
photographed 12.24.2021

Urban Irony (Christmas Afternoon)

We spent some time on Christmas afternoon walking around the site of the Christmas Day 2020 bombing in Nashville. Even after a year, there is still much work to be done to fix (or demolish, I guess) the buildings that were damaged. The murals here are on the short side of the block that was bombed – they’re painted on plywood that covers where windows used to be.

Christmas usually makes me feel sad, and this scene fed right into my emotions. In front of a mural that says “because you matter you are not alone,” a man sat alone on the cold sidewalk.

Nashville, Tennessee
photographed 12.25.2021

his day job

He’s following his dream, but no one else seems to be.

Nashville, Tennessee
photographed 12.23.2021

Always Onward

Parts of downtown Oklahoma City have things like convention centers and sports arenas and big hotels. Other parts have parking lots with chain-link fences around them. And sometimes, the streetcar will stop long enough for passengers to get a quick photo of all the things.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
photographed 11.25.2021

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