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Street Tacos

Every first Friday, no matter the weather, folks turn out for the First Friday Art Trail. This month, in addition to what you think of as “art” there were bands, dancers, costumed actors, food trucks, and lots and lots of people. My informal survey of the food trucks indicated that this one, the taco truck, was the most popular.

It’s a lot of fun; you should probably plan a trip to Lubbock one of these first Fridays to check it out. You’ll be glad you did.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 10.6.2017

Cash Transaction

This? Oh, I meant for the shot to not include either one of those arms. But there they are anyway.

Colorado Springs, Colorado
photographed 8.27.2017


I guess these signs clear things up pretty well: employees are supposed to park here. Except they aren’t.

I’m a little dizzy…

Abilene, Texas
photographed 8.5.2017

You’re afraid

Yes. That’s what we should do. (I’ll let you start.)

Abilene, Texas
photographed 8.6.2017


This bakery provided a very helpful set of styrofoam cakes as visuals for people ordering large amounts of dessert.

McKay’s Bakery – Downtown
Abilene, Texas
photographed 8.5.2017

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