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Shell Game

The real reason that I was walking down the main street of this town was to check out a spelling error over at the, I guess, “dominoe” parlor. Anyway, I kept walking for a few more blocks to see if there was anything else interesting. And there was!

Springfield, Colorado
photographed 8.26.2020


Maybe you’ll agree that this needed to be in color because of the tension between the warm, yellow light on the right side and the blue-hour light coming in the window on the left.

Metropolitan Barber Shop
Chicago, Illinois
photographed 6.24.2018

Typical Situation

Sometimes you just have to do it – the cliched shot is right there, waiting on you to make it. This was, of course, one of those times.

(PS – I used DxO’s Perspective Efex plug-in to get those verticals all lined up – it worked great and you should try it, if you’ve got verticals that aren’t, you know, vertical.)

from the Wells Street Bridge
Chicago, Illinois
photographed 6.28.2018

Everything Melted

It was hot that day – around 110 degrees. And the wind was not a gentle, cooling breeze; it was the opposite of both of those things. And midday was brutal – everything felt like it could melt right then.

O’Donnell, Texas
photographed 7.13.2020

Water + dust

Sunday morning at the river and things were mostly pretty calm – a few people fishing, a few more sitting in chairs watching the water go by, a woman doing about a thousand push-ups in the shade of the bridge, a wandering photographer do her thing.

When I was a kid and we’d go visit my grandparents (who lived about another hour down the road), we’d sometimes stop and have a picnic beside the river. That was in the Old Days, before the park was really developed the way it is now, but it stuck with me as a Thing One Did. San Angelo has really done an exceptional job with this park, and as with the lilies, if I lived here, I’d visit often.

Also, this is a cool thing – every year the American Planning Association names the Great Places in America as part of their effort to “recognize the neighborhoods, streets, and public spaces that make communities stronger and bring people together through good planning.” One of their selections in 2017 was the Concho River Walk. Somehow, even though I am (literally) a dues-paying member of the APA, I was unaware of this recognition until right now. And I feel sort of bad that my photo features that machinery making clouds of dust on the other side of the water.

San Angelo, Texas
photographed 8.2.2020

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