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Parking lot tree requires assistance

I just have the feeling that this tree is doomed.

New Orleans, Louisiana
photographed 1.16.2019


I’ll just leave this right here…

Brownfield, Texas
photographed 2.3.2019

Main Street, decorated

Well, those things sure add a lot, don’t they?

Brownfield, Texas
photographed 2.3.2019

That’s why I felt like I was being watched

I was in Brownfield, Texas, on a Sunday morning, doing my thing – checking out stuff downtown. I found the vacant movie theater, and shot a photo through a broken window to get the interior. Then I turned around, and let my gaze track across the marquee that jutted over the sidewalk. Two-thirds of the way across it, I saw this cat, just chilling in the joists. I was a lot less chill when I spotted her, but after I got over the initial surprise, I laughed. Then I made a photo.

At least it wasn’t a crazed killer lurking up there…

Brownfield, Texas
photographed 2.3.2019

Kind of like a mural

The view from my hotel room in Chicago offered a view of the office building across the street; it was like a mural, only one that changed from minute to minute. If my trip had been a couple of days longer, I would have started to figure out whose schedule demanded late hours at the office.

in a hotel room
Chicago, Illinois
photographed 10.29.2018

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