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a vaguely threatening gesture

Oh, come ON, Dodge City. You can’t just leave this guy standing there gesturing at me without providing context! What is happening? Is he threatening me? Should have I not looked into his eyes? Will he haunt me now? What’s with that mustache? And a bowtie – really?

Dodge City, Kansas
photographed 12.11.2020

eventually the dream fades

Anther downtown shop window – this one is filled up with two giant dresses, hand lettered signs, and reflections. But the best part is the way the sign and dress on the left are fading into the reflected background, like so many dreams involving giant dresses tend to do.

(And, also, like so many dreams in general did for this entire damn year. It’s another metaphor!)

Dodge City, Kansas
photographed 12.12.2020

down a few digits

I enjoy wandering downtown streets and looking into shop windows along the way. This shop was a good find, as it had a levitating child, a gratuitous use of an “old west” font, and a baby with false eyelashes and not enough fingers. It was definitely worth the small amount of time I invested in a stroll along the town’s main street. (Although it was actually not called Main Street.)

Dodge City, Kansas
photographed 12.12.2020

After breakfast

On our infrequent trips to Nebraska, this cafe is a regular stop. The Patient Spouse has fond memories of eating here when he was a kid.

This visit was weird: we were traveling in the pandemic to my father-in-law’s funeral and pandemic reminders were everywhere. Like that upside down table, a non-negotiable way to enforce seating limits at the cafe.

Kearney, Nebraska
photographed 12.9.2020

The Festive Alley

“Festive” isn’t generally the first word I come up with when I think about Butte, which is why these lights hanging on a jaunty line in an alley were a bit of a surprise.

Butte, Montana
photographed 8.29.2020

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