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Pancakes came with instructions

The side of plate-sized pancakes was delivered by the home-town waitress, who also dropped some knowledge about the correct (and tidy) way to eat them.

She said, “Cut a hole in the middle, hon, and pour your syrup right there. That’ll keep it from runnin’ off the plate into your lap.”

It seemed like valuable information, and I am more than happy to pass it along to you.

Tha Pancake Shop
Hot Springs, Arkansas
photographed 10.7.2018

LaSalle and Van Buren

You all know that I would have been happier with this if that guy had already caught his train, right? But I hope you can give me some credit for stepping outside my photographic comfort zone, even if it was for 1/125th of a second.

Chicago, Illinois
photographed 6.25.2018

Hotel Room Study, #1

I was traveling with a couple of people from work who aren’t used to my weird photography ways, so I tried to contain my image-making to times when I was alone in the hotel room. They will never know how much they appreciate my sacrifice….

Hyatt Regency Chicago
Chicago, Illinois
photographed 10.30.2018


I know for sure that this is a standpipe*. Mostly because it says so, right there in plain sight. (Although to be fair, I’ve missed a lot of things that were also right there in plain sight, so that’s not a guarantee that I’ll see it.)

But besides that, look at those mortar joints. And that wavy shadow! It was a plethora o’ stuff to see.

Hot Springs, Arkansas
photographed 10.8.2018

*How about that very lengthy Wikipedia article? Aren’t you just exhausted from all that reading?

Sun Porch

The only functioning bathhouse in the confines of the the Hot Springs National Park is this one, the Buckstaff Baths. Unfortunately, due to someone’s* need to stop approximately 542 times on the drive to Hot Springs, we arrived too late to partake of the baths. But at least we got to see the chairs, right?

Bathhouse Row
Hot Springs, Arkansas
photographed 10.8.2018

*Yeah, you know who it was.

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