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Death and the unlatched gate

I was mostly just turning down any available road, without any real purpose or direction. And also without any real concept of where, exactly, I was. But there was a cemetery, so of course I stopped.

I had a weird feeling, like I’d been there before.

And you know why? Because in 2009, on a similar day of wandering (with my dear friend Carlos), we’d found this exact spot. And I posted this photo on my blog, which was all of 220 days old at the time.*

McKinney Cemetery
Hays County, Texas
photographed 4.18.2021

*I’d link to that first blog, but there’s no reason for any of us to have to endure that particular horror. You’re welcome.

Book Burning 3: Derision

Here’s one more burnt book. I love that the word “derision” is almost the only legible word. I love the texture that the wet book took on as it dried. But mostly, I love that it reminds me of a chrysanthemum in full bloom. If, you know, chrysanthemums were made of paper and were charred and wet from a fire and were in black and white.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 3.38.2021

Cross Walk

I live in a city that does not currently have what one might describe as a vibrant downtown, so when I visit what I call an “actual city” I get to bust out with some street photography.  I felt very urbanized when I made this shot.

Denver, Colorado
photographed 9.2.2016

Her face

That kid is making the universal “I didn’t know the water would be THAT cold” face as she runs through the fountains at the Wynkoop Plaza Fountain in downtown Denver.

Denver, Colorado
photographed 9.2.2016


Here’s something interesting I discovered on my walkabout the other day in downtown Littlefield.

On a side note, there was a woman (and her barky Chihuahua) who kept a very close eye on my activities. I tried to speak to her, but I guess she didn’t hear me because I didn’t get a reply. And I saw her out of the corner of my eye a few times. Must have been her day to watch for random people from out of town.

Littlefield, Texas
photographed 2.28.2021

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