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Pittsburg Paints and the topiaries


Painted topiaries add a whimsical note to the street, don’t they? They may well be the only topiaries in town, although I will admit that I did not do a complete inspection.

Abernathy, Texas
photographed 2.12.2016

Ever get that feeling?


I couldn’t explain it – it just felt like someone was watching me…

Plainview, Texas
photographed 2.12.2016

Miguel & Angelica


I just added a new rule to my other one – always look around back. The new rule is take the other route into town.

I’ve been to Plainview a lot of times. And I always go into town the very same way. The other day, I took a different exit (there aren’t that many to choose from) off the highway, which put me within eyesight of what used to be a big grocery store. It looked nicely abandoned, so of course I had to check it out.

And (around back, of course!) I noticed that Miguel and Angelica had proclaimed their love on a trash container. As one does.

Plainview, Texas
photographed 2.12.2016

Jesus and the cotton gin


In my mind, this shrine is called Jesus in a Box, although I am almost positive that’s not really its official name. (I mean no disrespect; it’s just what it looks like to me.)

I’d only stopped in there once before, in my long-ago non-camera days, so it was about time that my camera and I paid a visit.

And so, there was Jesus and a cotton gin across the way, which I guess sort of sums things up around here.

St. Isidore Catholic Church
Abernathy, Texas

photographed 2.12.2016

From a broken home, 3


Here’s one more view of the broken mobile home. I can hardly stand to think about what must have gone wrong with the last residents of the place…

(You can see it again here and here.)

Tomorrow we’ll move along to something else; I’ll be glad for the change.

New Deal, Texas
photographed 2.12.2016

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