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From a broken home, 2


Here’s a closer – and sadder – view of that sofa from yesterday’s post.

It wasn’t just the sofa: the sculpted carpet, long out of fashion, and the fireplace and the plastic wallboard all contributed to the sadness of the place.

New Deal, Texas
photographed 2.12.2016

From a broken home, 1


It was the sofa.

I often see these double-wide mobile homes being transported down the road, with the white wrapping on the inside side pulled tight. When I see them that way, they are just part of someone’s house being hauled someplace new. This one, moored beside a narrow road, was different from the beginning, with strips of plastic flapping slowly in the breeze.

But it was seeing that sofa, stuck in a half-living-room, that put it on a human scale.

New Deal, Texas
photographed 2.12.2016

Art Place


Here’s a broader view of an earlier post. The illustration of the church is quite nice, particularly because that exact view isn’t possible in real life, as the church is hemmed in with a river, some mountains, a highway, and parking lots. I guess this is a God’s eye view?

Chimayó, New Mexico
photographed 12.24.2015

More on the way


This is what we saw on the way to see this church: last week’s snowfall and clouds bringing the next round piling up on the mountains.

Truchas, New Mexico
photographed 12.24.2015

Lies not in finding


Most stairways are just a means of conveyance. But this one makes a statement at the same time. Multi-tasking!

Canyon Road
Santa Fe, New Mexico
photographed 12.25.2015

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