From a broken home, 1


It was the sofa.

I often see these double-wide mobile homes being transported down the road, with the white wrapping on the inside side pulled tight. When I see them that way, they are just part of someone’s house being hauled someplace new. This one, moored beside a narrow road, was different from the beginning, with strips of plastic flapping slowly in the breeze.

But it was seeing that sofa, stuck in a half-living-room, that put it on a human scale.

New Deal, Texas
photographed 2.12.2016

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  1. Something sad about this

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  2. It’s odd how it seems to have been dumped there and let to rot. Sad indeed. Someone lost some money on that deal…


    • Yes, they did. I sort of assumed it had been repossessed, but it’s clearly not in any shape to be sold to someone else. Also, the other half of it was nowhere to be seen. I’m no real estate expert, but I tend to think that would decrease the sales potential.

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  3. That’s a beautiful piece of Americana: memories of someone who tried hard and failed.


  4. How do some things happen? And wouldn’t it be wonderful if that thing up the pole was CCTV that could tell us all about it. But it’s not of course. and so we just wonder and think and the bright ones take a picture. Well seen, Melinda


    • Thanks, Andy. This is actually one of the more mysterious things I’ve come across, and there were parts of it that seemed intrusive to photograph (like the little bedroom full of kid’s left-behind toys).

      As a photographer, I was happy to have found it. But as a human….


  5. Another thought provoking image, there’s a great sense of isolation and unrealised dreams in this one for me.


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