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The tower, from a bus

I am no expert on French law, but just in case this taking this totally clichéd shot of the Eiffel Tower was some kind of legal requirement, I went ahead and made it.  Because ending up in jail would be a crappy way to spend a vacation.

Oh, and also because it really did look pretty cool.

photographed 6.18.2017

Mail delivery, ranch version

I’ve written before about our trip from Lubbock to Denver and back where we made it a point to stay off the Interstate. Routing that was a challenge, but we were up for it. And got to see this and this and this as a result.

And, on our last day on the road, we ran out of pavement in the far northeast corner of New Mexico, next to the mailbox for the Spool Ranch.

It was an excellent trip!

near Folsom, New Mexico
photographed 9.5.2016

the waiting is the hardest part

As the great Tom Petty said, “the waiting is the hardest part.” And there is something going on in the scene that I can’t quite define but it makes me feel like something is going to happen there. Eventually. Maybe.

Marfa, Texas
photographed 12.23.2018

Wall Texture

A ragged wall, shot through a dirty window: my favorite thing.

Marfa, Texas
photographed 12.23.2018


On a trip through Nebraska last year, we (of course!) took back roads as often as possible. On the day we drove from Hastings to Omaha, we started on our usual path, and soon noticed some interesting things that looked like ammunition bunkers or something. Naturally, they required further exploration and we soon found ourselves on a back-back road.

There were, in fact, miles and miles of bunkers. And this place, too, which seems somehow connected to the bunkers in a way that was hard to ascertain.

near Hastings, Nebraska
photographed 8.29.2018

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