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Tourists and rain – Buckingham Palace

These folks were about to find out that during heavy rains the famous changing of the guards does not happen. Poor tourists.

outside of Buckingham Palace
photographed 6.5.2017


I went to London, and took a walk around the block.* And saw these shirts hanging in a basement window.

London, England
photographed 6.4.2017

*Don’t get me wrong: I did other stuff too. But this was hard to top.


I’m not making any social commentary here; I would have photographed ANYBODY who was standing under that sign.

London, England
photographed 6.8.2017

Shimmering Curtain

I really don’t do well in groups, which you’ve probably already figured out.

So this may not surprise you. There was a woman in our group in London who got on my very last nerve. She was good, too: she didn’t gradually have that effect on me. It was instant, from the very first time she spoke.

Then, later, on the bus, just after I made this photo, she tapped me on the shoulder to explain how my picture wouldn’t work, that it would only show foggy windows and nothing else. A regular photo critic, she was.

Anyway, it looks like she was right, and I’m being far to harsh about the situation. That shouldn’t surprise you, either.

London, UK
photographed 6.6.2017

Poet’s Station

So, who’s this guy? Let’s see what our friend the internet has to say about it.

Sir John Betjeman was responsible for saving the Station and the Chambers from demolition in the 1960’s. In tribute to the famous poet and railway enthusiast an 8.5ft sculpture by Martin Jennings has been designed to celebrate the man and his poetry.

St. Pancras Station
London, UK
photographed 6.6.2017

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