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cuban dolphins

There are many things I find myself unable to explain. Killer Cuban dolphins are certainly on that list.

East Jesus, California
photographed 2.11.2022

cloths back

My inner copy editor and my photographer self had opposite reactions to seeing this message on a bridge railing. The photographer self won.

near Salvation Mountain, California
photographed 2.11.2022

desperate cases and a broken vase

A votive with St. Jude (patron saint of lost causes) guards a broken vase and some dried-up roses, which are themselves a bit of a lost cause.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church
Windthorst, Texas
photographed 8.6.2022

methodist light

One of the (many)(very many) things I will almost always photograph is a shadow cast on a rough wall by a light fixture. And in this case, I spotted this from a block away and walked my photographer self right there, right up the church steps, to get the shot.

First United Methodist Church
Rocksprings, Texas

photographed 1.28.2022

light plant

This old place is just up a hill from my grandparents’ house.

Or, to be more accurate, it’s up the hill from where I think my grandparents lived. We didn’t visit them often and my memories of where their house was and what it looked like didn’t exactly line up with the on-the-ground reality that I saw on a visit there last year. (Exactly one year ago, actually). I sort of thought I’d get close to their old place and some sort of Family Magic would pull me toward the correct house, but what actually happened is that I didn’t feel one single thing, so I shrugged and realized once again that we were not that sort of family who stuck together or who had that sort of family magic; and then I drove up the hill and found the old power plant.

Sonora, Texas
photographed 1.27.2022

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