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Her anointed head

Maybe she sat in the sun on purpose, having checked the weather forecast and knowing the sunny days were about over. Or maybe she’d just been there so long that the sunlight caught up to her. But in any case, my photographer’s eye was caught by the way the sunlight anointed her head, making it the brightest thing in the room.

San Diego, California
photographed 3.8.2020

Room and Ticket

My conference was just two blocks away from the train station. You can tell what I did…

San Diego, California
photographed 3.10.2020

Painter, painting

Every now and then I get the idea to venture out and do some street photography. And since I don’t really even know how to do street photography in a way that is, you know, good, the best I can achieve so far is mixed results.

And here’s an example of some mixed results – a guy painting the arch above a doorway at a train station. You can’t see it in the photo (remember when I said “mixed results”?), but he was using a tiny paint roller.

Santa Fe Depot
San Diego, California
photographed 3.10.2020

On reflection

“Look up!” That’s what I kept telling myself as I walked around San Francisco. And my apologies to anyone I may have walked into while I was looking up…

O’Farrell Street
San Francisco, California
photographed 4.14.2019

Where cultures – and the moon – converge

I hope I didn’t oversell this yesterday.

I also hope no one is badly shocked to see a color image on my blog, but this one couldn’t be in anything but color. (Photoshop and I tried it as a black and white, and were in instant agreement that it needed to be in color.) Our evening stroll through Chinatown was a good way to spend the evening, and the part of the street with those red lanterns was an especially nice thing to see.

Grant Avenue
San Francisco, California
photographed 4.15.2019

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