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maybe you and I will not agree

Did this guy break my composition by walking into it? Or should I pretend I planned it that way? Was it wrong to line up the pedestrian across the street with the mannequin? Should more stuff be in focus? Should it have been processed in black and white?

San Francisco, California
photographed 4.13.2019

a man and his dog

It was chilly that morning on the pier, and sort of halfway between drizzle and actual rain. I was struggling that day and finally gave up on the situation and the weather and went inside for coffee. It was just the break I needed, and as I turned to leave, I saw this delightful pair.

Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica, California
photographed 2.19.2017


A long ribbon of birds, heading to roost for the night, are reflected in the foreground puddle.

Salton Sea, California
photographed 2.10.2022

Date, palms



The patterns made by trunks of date palms are surprisingly complex and captivating.

near Mecca, California
photographed 2.13.2022

the seeker

And you’re limned
In light, golden and thin

(A pair of lines from Bruce Cockburn’s lovely song “Look How Far” seem particularly relevant here.)

Bombay Beach
Salton Sea, California
photographed 2.12.2022

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