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land of lincoln (he was everywhere)

It makes me happy to know that good ol’ Abe is still there, keeping watch on things as varied as a Thai restaurant, cracked sidewalks, and planters that are decorated with vintage advertisements. In this part of the country, Abe never rests – you can spot him nearly anywhere, keeping an eye on things.

Carlinville, Illinois
photographed 7.3.2022


I am so happy that the Pig-Hip Restaurant has been around for over 50 years. That truly is quite an accomplishment, isn’t it?

And also, “pig-hip”?

Broadwell, Illinois
photographed 7.2.2022


At some point, that billboard presented crucial information to travelers. That point, however, was not the day I was there…

San Jon, New Mexico
photographed 7.30.2022


The Virden town square was busy, full of preparations for the upcoming Fourth of July festivities, including the Miss Virden Queen Pageant. Sadly, I was not able to stay to watch the pageant. Maybe I’ll go back next year, now that I know about it, and stick around for the fun.

Virden, Illinois
photographed 7.2.2022

that upstairs window

Let’s see…what have we got here?

A old house that may or not be occupied. A few boarded up windows, a porch, a pair of bay windows, that mansard roof, dormers, and a creepy damn doll in the window.

Virden, Illinois
photographed 7.2.2022

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