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Dream, 7


lights of varying
criss-cross above

Austin, Texas
photographed 2.26.2011

Call Brady


My mom listened to KFYO radio every day. (Even the noon farm report, for some reason.)

I can remember the radio commercials that this plumbing company ran, with their “Lady, call Brady” tagline. I am guessing that from the looks of the place these days, any lady who DID call Brady would probably not get an answer…

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 4.28.2013

I only report what I see


This is the biggest understatement I’ve ever read about this particular stretch of highway, known as the River Road: Nobody gets on FM-170 by mistake.

But if you do find yourself on this highway, with its mighty views of mountains along the Texas-Mexico frontier, you might see an old movie set or a ghost town or an cemetery or two.

And, you can also see this teepee-themed rest area.

River Road (FM 170)
near Lajitas, Texas
photographed 1.19.2013

UPDATE: December 2
In response to a request to see the rest of the teepees:

112813 A

The other side of town


Most anyone who’s ever heard of Marfa, Texas, will have heard of it as an artist’s town.

So, of course there’s all the stuff related to the Chinati Foundation. And the Food Shark. And the smallest NPR station in the country.

But then, there’s also this scene.

Marfa, Texas
photographed 1.18.2013

Hardware, groceries, and grain – and…


…a sidewalk sofa.

The “cross at your own risk” sign is a little worrisome, don’t you think? What in world is going on at the store that would warrant such a sign?

Maybe in when the place opened (1925, if the other sign is to be believed) the combination of hardware, groceries, and grain was a real novelty, and folks came in from all over the county*, just to look around. The traffic would have overwhelmed the street, and pedestrians would take their lives in their hands to cross over to look at such an innovative mercantile.

Blackwell, Texas
photographed 5.20.2011

*Counties, actually, as it turns out. This tiny town is located in Nolan and Coke counties. That would automatically DOUBLE the numbers of folks who’d want to come check out the store. Theoretically.

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