Hardware, groceries, and grain – and…


…a sidewalk sofa.

The “cross at your own risk” sign is a little worrisome, don’t you think? What in world is going on at the store that would warrant such a sign?

Maybe in when the place opened (1925, if the other sign is to be believed) the combination of hardware, groceries, and grain was a real novelty, and folks came in from all over the county*, just to look around. The traffic would have overwhelmed the street, and pedestrians would take their lives in their hands to cross over to look at such an innovative mercantile.

Blackwell, Texas
photographed 5.20.2011

*Counties, actually, as it turns out. This tiny town is located in Nolan and Coke counties. That would automatically DOUBLE the numbers of folks who’d want to come check out the store. Theoretically.

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  1. Great post and I think it is very inviting having the outdoor seating in the shade


  2. Love this one, it’s gold.


  3. Cross at own risk – Perhaps it’s a portal to the twilight zone?


  4. It’s a little hard to see in the photo but is that “handicapped seating” only? And I though “cross at own risk” was confusing enough!


  5. This is another of your documentation about disappeared life-styles. In fact the image and the text convey a certain nostalgia.


    • Thanks, Vera. My husband’s office is in a building that’s not a lot different from this one – same age, same size, same construction. His building was the home of one of the early grocery stores in our town; I like his office building quite a bit (it’s now an architects’ office) and I think my eye is drawn to similar structures.


  6. Looks like the law relating to negligence was being taken care of in that sign. If you get run down crossing the road to see all our amazing offerings, don’t try to blame us. We’ve got it covered!


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