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Ranch Gate

What I Did the Other Day:
1. Drove along skinny rural roads, looking for something to photograph.
2. Drove right by this the first time.
3. A few miles later, thinking, “Wait. Was that a skull on the gate back there?”
4. U-turn.
5. Photos, until the dogs across the road started to get a little too aggressive for me.

Turns out that it was.

near Roaring Springs, Texas
photographed 12.26.2017

A lot of people live here

In 2015, I took a trip to Nova Scotia, and posted some of the photos when I got returned. A lot of them, though, were held back for a project that I was working on. That project is (I think)(I hope) about done, which means there is a whole set of NS images still to be posted.

And here’s one, a three-shot pano of Hillcrest Cemetery in Lunenberg.

Lunenberg, Nova Scotia
photographed 8.3.2015

We are sorry (we are)

“I am very fond of the out-of-business sign on the door, and the way it takes on a sort of beat-poet vibe,” the photographer said as she snapped her fingers and yearned for a beret.

Crosbyton, Texas
photographed 12.20.2017

Fancy Ketchup

After a trip to Nebraska, my friend Andy wrote the first two lines of a poem about the state:

God bless Nebraska, where everyone is nice.
God bless Nebraska, where ketchup is a spice.

What I don’t know is if Nebraska has actual Fancy Ketchup, the way this recently-departed Dairy Queen did.

Crosbyton, Texas
photographed 12.20.2017

Thank You, Thank You

It’s easy to lament, the way I did yesterday, the loss of a local institution. However, I can say with absolute certainty that I wouldn’t have stopped to make photos of a still-in-business Dairy Queen. So there’s that.

Crosbyton, Texas
photographed 12.20.2017

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