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Museum in progress

I first visited this little ghost-town museum in November 2017; I don’t think one thing had changed between then and my return visit a year later. Evidently ghosts are pretty slow at building finish-out.

Shafter, Texas
photographed 12.22.2018

Stop at Cow Dog

The stop sign’s shadow adds a subliminal message, maybe, to the front of the food truck.

On a side note, I did not eat there, but only because it was closed.

Alpine, Texas
photographed 12.23.2018

Pipe rail gate, almost invisible

A sliver of a pipe-rail gate anchors the desert, while clouds slowly build.

But it doesn’t rain.

near Alpine, Texas
photographed 7.10.2015

Her death became a prison

View from inside a cemetery shrine, constrained by the bars on the glass-free window.

Shafter, Texas
photographed 12.22.2018


I made 18 shots here, to get the flags just right. Guess which one was the best. Yes, the very first one.

But it’s only marginally about the flags anyway. It’s the mop, really.

Valentine, Texas
photographed 12.22.2018

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