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Careful Observation

Just a graffiti-enhanced street scene in Paris. Those two gentlemen next to the bicycle seem to be paying careful attention to something – I wonder what it was that they were so interested in…

photographed 6.8.2017

Tour Boat

Well, look at what I did! I took a photo with people in it. And I did it on purpose, too.

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
photographed 8.31.2020


Two of my favorite things – an empty restaurant and some reflections – came together in one place the other day.

San Diego, California
photographed 3.8.2020

Painter, painting

Every now and then I get the idea to venture out and do some street photography. And since I don’t really even know how to do street photography in a way that is, you know, good, the best I can achieve so far is mixed results.

And here’s an example of some mixed results – a guy painting the arch above a doorway at a train station. You can’t see it in the photo (remember when I said “mixed results”?), but he was using a tiny paint roller.

Santa Fe Depot
San Diego, California
photographed 3.10.2020

Downtown’s Reflections

There’s something about shooting into very reflective windows that I find appealing. You may have already noticed that.

In this case, I feel like just about everything that was going on in downtown Pampa on the night of the 26th ended up in a single image.

Pampa, Texas
photographed 12.26.2019

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