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south central, with murals

A alley that’s got trash dumpsters, fire-escape stairs, and a mural is surely an alley that I will stop to look at. And, of course, photograph.

Phoenix, Arizona
photographed 12.27.2022

at the religion store

I stepped into this little shop – next to the boxing gym  and across the street from a church (Gimnasia de Boxeo Rafael Trejo and Hermandad de la Santísima Trinidad, if you’re keeping up with stuff like that) – because I spotted that sequined hat (?). The interior of the store was dark and it seemed like the hat (?) had stolen all the light for itself., leaving all the other religious artifacts to fend for themselves.

Or maybe I was having a heat stroke.

Havana, Cuba
photographed 11.11.2022

watch repair

It seems like probably everyone has a certain degree of understanding about this aspect of Cuban life – shortages of various things means there are a lot of repairs being done. This man was a very busy repairing watches (let’s assume that his own watch kept good time – a detail I wish I had thought about noticing). Around the corner there was a cell-phone repair place. And just up the street on the very same block as the watch repair place was the motorcycle repairman that I posted previously.

Cienfuegos, Cuba
photographed 11.9.2022

Cuban Christmas

Merry Christmas, Cuban style. (Or, if you don’t celebrate: here’s a photo from Cuba that was made in November and for some reason there was a decorated tree inside the house.)

Calle Lamparilla
Havana, Cuba

photographed 11.7.2022

everything but the kitchen sink

I *may* have followed this woman for a few blocks trying to get a shot of her new sink. I wish I’d seen the place where she purchased it – I did go into one store that was nearby and saw their section titled “quincalla” (hardware) but never made it to the section for “fregaderos de cocina” (kitchen sinks).

Cienfuegos, Cuba
photographed 11.19.2022

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