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Sink (a dream)

It felt like a dream even though it wasn’t. At least I don’t think it was…

Historic Market Square
San Antonio, Texas
photographed 11.22.2019

Tacos de Beef

Maybe it’s time for a lunch break? Go to San Antonio – it’s got a lot to choose from. For example, just in the width of a camera’s frame, you can get gorditas, tacos, fajitas, or tripas.

(NOTE: Autocorrect must have previously tasted tripas and is set on protecting my loyal follower(s) from them: it keeps trying to change it to “trips.” This is one time when I sort of support Autocorrect’s decision.)

Historic Market Square
San Antonio, Texas
photographed 11.25.2016

Barrel Woman Eats Lunch

What can I say? I was on vacation and just went crazy. Crazy! Look at what I did?! I took a photo of this woman, just because I could. And also because it looked like she was sitting in that barrel to eat lunch.

Or maybe she actually was in the barrel – maybe that’s one of those regionally-specific things people do in that part of the country.

Lake Harriett Bandshell Park
Minneapolis, Minnesota
photographed 9.20.2019

Bar Fly

Here’s a street scene from a recent Sunday morning in downtown Minneapolis. I am sure the last of the night’s patrons hadn’t been gone all that long when I went by.

Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, Minnesota
photographed 9.22.2019

The Posers

What’s happening? Yesterday my post had a half of a person in it, and today there are two whole people. Wow. Believe me, I am as surprised by this as you are.

I sat in this spot for a while, watching a steady stream of people perch on that stone ledge to have their photo taken. Most of them were in poses similar to the one here, which made me start to wonder how they all know that’s The One Right Way To Sit – is there a guidebook or something?

But these two had an added value, of a sort, with the photo-taker also striking a pose.

Chicago, Illinois
photographed 8.26.2019

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