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This stretch limo has been parked next to a vacant building for years. Both, of course, have their best days far, far in the past. I was downtown the other Sunday afternoon (you know why) and took a look at the limo; after all these years of kind-of seeing it, it seemed like it was about damn time I went in for a closer look. In addition to many pounds of bird shit splattered all over it, there was a nice array of a shattered driver’s side window, a felt cowboy coat, a bible, and Spanish dictionary, a red crayon, and a granola bar. That seems like a lot of narratives all congregating in one location, doesn’t it?

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 4.17.2022

*UPDATE* Two days ago, I drove by this location and the car was gone. Good thing I finally got around to photographing it.

Jesus’s shoe (at Neimans)

I don’t have the tiniest idea why there was a cache of shoes in the entryway of the flagship Neiman Marcus store. And I had walked all the way past them before the fact that one shoe said JESUS registered in my mind. I did that super annoying pedestrian thing – stopping suddenly on a busy sidewalk and turning around* – because there was no way I was skipping the chance to photograph some authentic religious footwear.

Dallas, Texas
photographed 4.9.2022

*I make u-turns on highways all the time. A sidewalk u-turn seemed somehow a lot more hostile.


Remember a couple of days ago, when I wrote about trying to learn how to photograph people and how that microgreens kid made it easy? This was practically the same thing – that girl noticed my camera and offered to let me photograph her lunch. You can tell what my counter-offer was. How could I resist those smiles?

Dallas, Texas
photographed 4.9.2022


I am trying to make myself take photos of people. It is not anything that comes naturally to me, but I am committed to becoming a better photographer, to expanding my boundaries, and all that stuff.

This kid made it really easy – he saw my camera and asked me if I’d like to take a picture of his microgreens. I made a counter offer: that I make a photo of the microgreens (he was very proud of them) with him in it.

And this is what that looked like.

Dallas, Texas
photographed 4.9.2022

maybe you and I will not agree

Did this guy break my composition by walking into it? Or should I pretend I planned it that way? Was it wrong to line up the pedestrian across the street with the mannequin? Should more stuff be in focus? Should it have been processed in black and white?

San Francisco, California
photographed 4.13.2019

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