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Obligatory Location

It was a delightful coincidence that my work trip to Boston could be arranged to allow me to participate in a group photo walk through the lovely Beacon Hill neighborhood. If I am being honest, places like Beacon Hill aren’t my favorite locations; it is much tidier and well-kept than the places I like to shoot. Plus the class required the use of a 50mm lens, and it is not a lens I automatically use.

Challenges are good, though. They make your brain work in different ways, make your eyes seek different subjects. Those are always excellent exercises for photographers and I am very happy that I was able to take the class.

And that’s the long way of explaining that this street seems to be the most famous street in all of Boston, and so I sort of had to photograph it.

Beacon Hill
photographed 8.28.2021

One Fan

Well, of course I looked in the window of this little bar. And, also of course, I photographed what I saw – the one guy in the bar looking at the one guy on the television.

photographed 9.5.2021


It was one of those compose-and-wait situations that Sam Abell talks about. And I didn’t have to wait very long before a group of pedestrians were right there, under the arc of the water, just where I wanted them to be.

Rose Kennedy Greenway

photographed 9.5.2021

the best lunch all week

If you’re driving through an unfamiliar town – let’s just say it’s Mexia, Texas – and it’s lunch time and you stop at a place called Jim’s Krispy Fried Chicken, you will have made exactly the right decision.

Mexia, Texas
photographed 7.17.2021

Cross (with hat and mask)

This is the same location I’d photographed in 2015, but nothing looked the same. I think this indicates even more fatalities at this particular intersection, but it might also mean that grieving families are still visiting and adding to their loved one’s memorial.

Ward County, Texas
photographed 6.13.2021

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