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Downtown’s Reflections

There’s something about shooting into very reflective windows that I find appealing. You may have already noticed that.

In this case, I feel like just about everything that was going on in downtown Pampa on the night of the 26th ended up in a single image.

Pampa, Texas
photographed 12.26.2019

Sink (a dream)

It felt like a dream even though it wasn’t. At least I don’t think it was…

Historic Market Square
San Antonio, Texas
photographed 11.22.2019

Tacos de Beef

Maybe it’s time for a lunch break? Go to San Antonio – it’s got a lot to choose from. For example, just in the width of a camera’s frame, you can get gorditas, tacos, fajitas, or tripas.

(NOTE: Autocorrect must have previously tasted tripas and is set on protecting my loyal follower(s) from them: it keeps trying to change it to “trips.” This is one time when I sort of support Autocorrect’s decision.)

Historic Market Square
San Antonio, Texas
photographed 11.25.2016

Barrel Woman Eats Lunch

What can I say? I was on vacation and just went crazy. Crazy! Look at what I did?! I took a photo of this woman, just because I could. And also because it looked like she was sitting in that barrel to eat lunch.

Or maybe she actually was in the barrel – maybe that’s one of those regionally-specific things people do in that part of the country.

Lake Harriett Bandshell Park
Minneapolis, Minnesota
photographed 9.20.2019

Bar Fly

Here’s a street scene from a recent Sunday morning in downtown Minneapolis. I am sure the last of the night’s patrons hadn’t been gone all that long when I went by.

Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, Minnesota
photographed 9.22.2019

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