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White on White

White snow, a white truck cab, white clouds are conspiring to lighten the mood of the day.

There are two historical things to note today:

  1. This ends my 12th straight year of daily photo postings. What started as a whim on January 1, 2009, has taken over my head, my heart, and a good portion of my life. I’ve never been more content.
  2. But it also marks 15 years since my mom died, and it is still a day of great sadness. (But as I write this, I am thinking about all the people who’ve lost loved ones this year but weren’t able to be with them at the end. And my heart breaks for them.)

Meade, Kansas
photographed 12.12.2020

from the back, it’s still a façade

Really, who could have predicted that the Dalton Gang Hideout was just a façade? But I did my usual route – walking around back – and that’s how I know. It came as a shock, really.

Dalton Gang Hideout
Meade, Kansas
photographed 12.12.2020

eventually the dream fades

Anther downtown shop window – this one is filled up with two giant dresses, hand lettered signs, and reflections. But the best part is the way the sign and dress on the left are fading into the reflected background, like so many dreams involving giant dresses tend to do.

(And, also, like so many dreams in general did for this entire damn year. It’s another metaphor!)

Dodge City, Kansas
photographed 12.12.2020

down a few digits

I enjoy wandering downtown streets and looking into shop windows along the way. This shop was a good find, as it had a levitating child, a gratuitous use of an “old west” font, and a baby with false eyelashes and not enough fingers. It was definitely worth the small amount of time I invested in a stroll along the town’s main street. (Although it was actually not called Main Street.)

Dodge City, Kansas
photographed 12.12.2020

Memorial Day

It was so cold that it was hard to imagine that Memorial Day, all the way at the end of May, was even a thing that would ever happen.

Blue Hill, Nebraska
photographed 12.11.2020

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