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Hotel Study #2

That hotel lobby provided a nice range of contrasting shapes, didn’t it?

Kearney, Nebraska
photographed 12.9.2020

cold cold death

I was a junior in high school when my grandfather died; the day of his funeral was bitterly cold, with a hard wind from the north. Of course, since it was in the 1970s and I was an idiot, I wore a very short dress that day, and it took me quite a few days to thaw out. It served me right.

The weather here reminded me of that day. But at least this time, I was more suitably attired.

Blue Hill, Nebraska
photographed 12.11.2020

Memorial Day

It was so cold that it was hard to imagine that Memorial Day, all the way at the end of May, was even a thing that would ever happen.

Blue Hill, Nebraska
photographed 12.11.2020

the long slide down

I like to photograph empty playgrounds. On a day that’s really cold and windy, and in a town where the population is 65, the odds of finding a vacant playground were pretty good.

Hazard, Nebraska
photographed 12.10.2020

of course this happened

My friend Brett says to look for metaphors in our images. My friend Don says to photograph what we feel. So, here’s this shot.

Loup City, Nebraska
photographed 12.10.2020

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