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Some things defy explanation


I have no idea. Not even one.

But this is odd, to say the least. And there are so many odd things to pick from, too. Why are his eyes different colors? What’s with that mustache? Is really wearing two left shoes? And if so, why? A stuffed frog? Does he have very tiny hands? Who’s the dapper gentleman with the pipe down there on the floor?

Why? WHY?

Ordway, Colorado
photographed 9.4.2016

False Promises


That hand-lettered sign on the door indicates hours for the pool. But I can promise you that it’s wrong – that pool’s been closed for a while.

Boise City, Oklahoma
photographed 8.30.2016

Stranded without love


It was a rainy Tuesday, and no one chose to eat lunch at these lonely tables.

Boise City, Oklahoma
photographed 8.30.2016

Just don’t park


Sure, you can sit down here, and maybe have some coffee or a little something from the bar. Just, please, do not park here.

The Mining Exchange Hotel
Colorado Springs, Colorado
photographed 8.31.2016

Church and recreation


The Branson Community Church has a lot to offer. In addition to the church itself, there’s a swingset and a basketball goal. And a lovely view.

Branson, Colorado
photographed 9.5.2016

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