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ice tree


If you ever go to Limon, Colorado, you might want to skip the chain hotels out on the interstate and get a room at the Safari Inn. It’s clean. It’s cheap. It’s aggressively pink.

And it has this fantastic sign by the ice machine.

Limon, Colorado
photographed 8.27.2020

dishes, down

At some point there was a catastrophic kitchen failure – the cabinet with all the dishes just…fell off the wall. However, based on context clues around the building, it may not even matter that much.

Wild Horse, Colorado
photographed 8.26.2020

…but was it the HOLY ghost?

I could tell you that this was planned in advance as part of a Big Important Concept Photo that I wanted to make.

But that would be a lie, and you’d notice it right away because by now I am sure you know that Big Important Concept Photos are not even I thing that I do.

So here’s the actual truth about what happened: my camera settings were wrong (100% user error) for the situation, so the resulting photo was…awful. Except that in an odd way, it wasn’t awful. At least to me.

Limon, Colorado
photographed 8.26.2020


This trip was not intended to be a road trip, but that’s how it turned out. And then that’s how we happened to be in Hugo, which as it turns out is the home to only surviving brick roundhouse in all of Colorado. The roundhouse is so important that it has its own website.

Hugo, Colorado
photographed 8.26.2020

Shell Game

The real reason that I was walking down the main street of this town was to check out a spelling error over at the, I guess, “dominoe” parlor. Anyway, I kept walking for a few more blocks to see if there was anything else interesting. And there was!

Springfield, Colorado
photographed 8.26.2020

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