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several sides of the same coin

Just after sundown, the lights of the geothermal plant glow. And somehow, the surface of the water also glows.

One star lights up the sky and is mirrored by a light on the distant shoreline.

And the dark-blue arc of the approaching night finds its balance with the darkening ground.

Salton Sea, California
photographed 2.11.2022

the night hurricane Ida arrived in Boston

Having a hurricane in Boston wasn’t something that I really thought would happen, but there was quite a bit of rain and wind that one night. Remembering that “Shitty weather makes good photos.” – the second time in three days that I am quoting Sam Abell – my camera and I went for a bit of a walkabout in the rain.

photographed 9.1.2021

As the harvest moon rose

The very bright moon was lighting up the hillside as the sky tried to darken.

(There were two people standing there with us as the moon slid up into view. No one spoke. When the moon had cleared the hill, they turned and walked away. It was simple and profound.)

Palouse, Washington
photographed 9.3.2020


Then there was that time when my friend Al and I were walking down the street in Los Angeles and felt an overwhelming need to stop long enough to get a photo…

Mark Twain Hotel
Los Angeles, California
photographed 2.16.2017

sometimes starlight is insufficient

That cemetery light ruined the comet photograph I had in mind, as I mentioned yesterday and am not at all bitter about. So I decided to go all in, and photograph the damn light.

Pearce Cemetery
Hale County, Texas
photographed 7.18.2020

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