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Shopping Cart

It all came together – a recent rain, a clearing sky, dark trees, white building. And a shopping cart, like a little bit of dessert.

Arnaudville, Louisiana
photographed 10.22.2017

The Ark

Just look at that rain! It seemed like it was going to last for days – as many as forty, maybe. And the name of that store is The Arc of St. Martin. See how it almost came together in an hysterical joke?

St. Martinville, Louisiana
photographed 10.21.2017


The thing is that it rains in Louisiana. It rains a lot. And this part of the state is flat, so there’s not anyplace for the water to drain. Which makes this building that sits barely above the ground seem like maybe it’s prone to flooding. But not to worry – there’s a boat close at hand. Sure, it’s rusty and everything, but still…

near St. Martinville, Louisiana
photographed 10.21.2017


Congratulations to the sign painter – that was a bold move to use three different fonts on a four-word sign. Well done, sign painter. Well done.

Crowley, Louisiana
photographed 10.21.2017

There are two ways

Take your pick, I guess, when you want to go to church through the back entrance(s).

Wright, Louisiana
photographed 10.21.2017

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