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Red Line bridge is patriotic


You know how this works: you pack up the camera after having taken approximately one billion photographs* at the extremely photogenic and historic cemetery. And you start walking back to catch the train. Then you see “USA” painted on the bridge. You have a brief debate with yourself. Unpack camera and get the shot? Keep walking? (Repeat, rapidly, three times.)

Then you take the shot. You knew how the debate would end. But, still, you had to have it.

along West Irving Park Road
Chicago, Illinois

photographed 4.16.2013

*Editor’s Note: OF COURSE it wasn’t one billion photographs. It was 139. Some people may have a tendency to exaggerate.

“Meow,” said the bridge


Spring’s warm weather was on its own timetable.  While it looked warm enough outside, it was a cold, windy day.

I liked Ann Arbor; I’d be willing to go back and look around some more.  In my short stay there, I saw some interesting things.  Including this graffiti-encrusted railroad bridge, which I think is quite lovely.  Plus, it says, “Meow.”   How can you NOT like a bridge that meows at you?

Felch Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan

photographed 4.20.2013

PS – This is the 500th post here on One Day | One Image and it seems like a good time to thank everyone who takes the time to stop by, look around, or comment. It’s been fun, and I hope to be around for at least 500 more posts!

PS, part 2: One of my followers (LensScaper, I am looking at you) wondered what this looked like in color. Here at One Day | One Image, we are happy to oblige:


White on white, 6


The calendar led me to believe it might be warm; it was the third week of April, after all.  It was not warm; it wasn’t even cool.  So my day of photographing rural Michigan devolved into whatever I could shoot in brief forays from the car.

Fortunately, the caretaker’s shack at this cemetery was close by and I was able to get a few shots before my fingers got too cold to work the shutter release.  (And, yes, I DID have gloves.  But gloves that are really toasty in Texas are mostly just decorative in Michigan.)

This side of the building, the west, had a lot more peeling paint than the other sides.  That, plus what I observed that day, make me think that harsh winds from the west occur with some degree of regularity.  In that way, it was a lot like home.

Oak Grove Cemetery
Manchester, Michigan
photographed 4.19.2013

A transportation question


A group of pedestrians, just starting their crossing of East Wacker Drive, on the corner of Michigan Avenue.  The half-dozen Amish folks crossed the street, then headed into Fanny May Candies.

It was only later that I wondered how, exactly, they traveled to the middle of Chicago.  Perhaps someone could explain it to me?

Chicago, Illinois
photographed 4.14.2013

Stairs from the nameless street


A curvy staircase going from one street (that Google maps just refuses to provide a name for) to the intersection of E. South Water Street and North Park Drive, and on to Lake Shore East Park.

I guess people in Chicago know this, but it came as news to me:  those stainless steel handrails are cold, and when they get wet* they are very slippery.

downtown Chicago, Illinois

photographed 4.15.2013

*There was something called “rain” in Chicago.  I’ve read about it, but we don’t get it in Texas.  At least not in my part of the state.

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