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This, too, shall pass


It’s a shame, really, that someone’s family spent a lot of money getting a nice, big iron urn for the cemetery, and now that urn’s disintegrating – ashes to ashes and all that.

It’s just a matter of time now, until the whole thing gives way.  I wonder if anyone cares….

Oak Grove Cemetery
Manchester, Michigan
photographed 4.19.2013

Taco dinner (last chance, for a while)

If you were thinking that the perfect dinner tomorrow night would involve tacos, and you’ve got the time to make a quick trip to Manchester, Michigan, head for Madison Street, the last block before the river. It’s all you can eat!

But also: it’s the last taco dinner until September.

Manchester, Michigan
photographed 4.19.2013

Patched arrow still points


My guess is that a lot of drivers (going fast, maybe, or driving at night, or texting) missed the left-to-right dogleg turn on Sharon Hollow Road, right there at the cemetery, and that it happened so often that a warning arrow was installed.

No one wanted to fill up the cemetery with bad drivers.

Sharon Hollow Cemetery
near Manchester, Michigan

photographed 4.19.2013

White on white, 6


The calendar led me to believe it might be warm; it was the third week of April, after all.  It was not warm; it wasn’t even cool.  So my day of photographing rural Michigan devolved into whatever I could shoot in brief forays from the car.

Fortunately, the caretaker’s shack at this cemetery was close by and I was able to get a few shots before my fingers got too cold to work the shutter release.  (And, yes, I DID have gloves.  But gloves that are really toasty in Texas are mostly just decorative in Michigan.)

This side of the building, the west, had a lot more peeling paint than the other sides.  That, plus what I observed that day, make me think that harsh winds from the west occur with some degree of regularity.  In that way, it was a lot like home.

Oak Grove Cemetery
Manchester, Michigan
photographed 4.19.2013

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