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February 29

A scene in a cemetery that’s called simply the Old Burying Ground.

on Casco Bay
Kittery Point, Maine

photographed 4.12.2011

February 28

If you happen to find yourself in Marathon, Texas, and if you’ve got a bit of time on your hands while you’re there, you might enjoy checking out the Gage Gardens; it’s a bit of an oasis in the desert, and it’s where I found this fountain.

Marathon, Texas

photographed 11.13.2011

February 27

The Burger House (now out of business)
29th Drive and the Marsha Sharp Freeway

Lubbock, Texas

February 26

The back of the Baker Hotel is just as run down as the front.

It used to be a glorious place, famous far and wide for the healing waters, but those days are long gone. Or, as the song “Mineral Wells” says:

There’d be no healing return to the past;
the fountain of youth had dried up.
Tom Russell

Mineral Wells, Texas

photographed 8.15.2010

February 25

Boarded up church, somewhere along Main Street
Hale Center, Texas

photographed 2.23.2012

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