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the world’s most unlikely bait stand

I have always been under the impression that bait stands are close to, you know, bodies of water that may contain fish….

near Santa Rosa, New Mexico
photographed 5.28.2022



Of course you are aware that I have a bit of a thing about abandoned buildings, so it won’t surprise you to know that I pulled off the road for a few shots of this place.

This is just north of the thriving community of Cline’s Corners, New Mexico, which is famous for thousands of billboards letting travelers on the interstate know how fabulous Cline’s Corners is. (The only thing, to my knowledge, that is in Cline’s Corners is a 30,000 square foot “retail center” which sells the usual roadside-store stuff.)

The building I photographed used to be a roadside store, too, but wasn’t able to benefit from interstate traffic or billboards or tourists. But here’s the important difference: I didn’t make any photographs at Cline’s Corners.

somewhere along highway US 285
New Mexico
photographed 7.6.2014

More of the same


Just for a change of pace, I decided to stop and take a picture of an old building in a little town. Ha! Ha! Of course that’s not a change of pace – it’s what I do.

I capped off a great day of shooting in Roswell the other day by making some additional stops on the way home, including at this fantastic little place in Tatum, New Mexico.

To be fair to Tatum, the town’s population is increasing, up 15% between the 2000 and 2010 census counts; at last count, it stood at 798 people, which is the opposite of most places I seem to end up.

I did not see that many people while I was in town.

Tatum, New Mexico
photographed 5.11.14



If you are going to Spur, from Lubbock, the best route is to take the cutoff before you get to Dickens; that’ll take you by this place, for one thing. And you’ll get to see some spectacular canyon scenery (really), too.

And, just after you make the turn off the main road, you can see this nice arrangement of buildings, small against the large sky. But don’t wait too long – like a lot of buildings out here, they are abandoned and it’s only a matter of time until they succumb to gravity and neglect.

Crosby County, Texas
photographed 3.26.2014

My favorite building


Well, I don’t know if it’s my favorite building ever, but it is my favorite building in Spur. I’ve been watching it for a long time – longer than I’ve been a photographer – and make a point to go see it every time I am in town. I look to see how many more windows are boarded up or broken, or if that one door on the north side has finally fallen off the hinges. I think about how, if I had a few million extra dollars, I could fix the place up and turn it into something. What? I don’t know. But it would be something.

So that made me start wondering what my favorite building is. You’d think with my architecture background and all that I might have one. But, really, I don’t think I do. I’ll give it some thought, though, and let you know if I decide.

Spur, Texas
photographed 3.26.2014

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