If you are going to Spur, from Lubbock, the best route is to take the cutoff before you get to Dickens; that’ll take you by this place, for one thing. And you’ll get to see some spectacular canyon scenery (really), too.

And, just after you make the turn off the main road, you can see this nice arrangement of buildings, small against the large sky. But don’t wait too long – like a lot of buildings out here, they are abandoned and it’s only a matter of time until they succumb to gravity and neglect.

Crosby County, Texas
photographed 3.26.2014

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  1. This is incredible shot – the graphic shapes of the houses, the road and the horizon, combined with the sweep of incoming clouds is so effective.


  2. Really nice. Did you go in (or at least up to them)?


    • No, I wasn’t able to go over to them – not because there was a fence (because there wasn’t) but because I was traveling for work and had somewhere to be. Work is starting to really get in the way of things…..


  3. vera ersilia

    I like this very much but I would like to see it with more light in it. It must have been one of those Texas days that used to scare me so much … and made my dog nervous too.


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