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Toilet. Seat.


I have the perfect job (my real job, I mean – the one with a paycheck) which enables me to travel to various small towns across the Texas high plains to visit our agency’s offices.  And, every now and then, take a few photographs.

This visit was exceptional; in this town, our agency leases the ground floor of an old building.  After our real work was done, we explored the vacant second floor of the building.

Good thing I had my camera with me that day….

Tahoka, Texas
photographed 6.16.2010

There are a lot of questions here.


In contrast to yesterday’s post, at least this signage is legible. But that doesn’t necessarily make it understandable.

Am I right?

corner of South Nevill Street and US 90
Marfa, Texas

photographed 1.18.2013

I have no idea


There is a lot of information on the front of this place. Unfortunately, I have no idea what any of it says.

All I can say with any certainity is that it is roughly halfway between here and here but all the way across town from here.

corner of South Austin Street and West El Paso Street
Marfa, Texas
photographed 1.18.2013

The back of the store


The front of the Napa Auto Parts store has a shiny sign with the logo and corporate colors. It’s all tidy and business-like.

I don’t really like it.

But this? The back? Oh, yes, I like this.

The back of the store
Alpine, Texas

photographed 1.18.2013

Compound words


If you like compound words, you’ll just LOVE this place: the Shallowater Trustworthy Hardware store. And, as a bonus, it’s just across the road from the Goodpasture grain elevator.

The town is named Shallowater. The town-namers were pragmatic folk; in addition to Shallowater, we’ve got Plainview, Levelland, Brownfield, Littlefield. Of course, there are also several Lakeviews, none of which do; so I guess some of them were wistful instead.

Shallowater, Texas
photographed 3.16.2013

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