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Full Moon/Food Truck

Another food truck, taken later on the same night as this photo. It’d been almost a year and half since my last visit to Alpine, and while I was gone, the food-truck phenomena showed up.

Alpine, Texas
photographed 11.3.2017

How to Boost Your Happiness

The ticket booth at Alpine’s movie theater has a lot going on. My very favorite thing is that Consumer Reports book on boosting health and happiness, and my second favorite thing is everything else.

Alpine, Texas
photographed 11.3.2017

Food Truck, after hours

You know how I like to peek inside empty buildings? Same with after-hours food trucks, as I have recently discovered.

This is the Cow Dog truck, which parks beside Plaine Coffee, right there on the main drag in Alpine.

Alpine, Texas
photographed 11.3.2017

the day considered making an appearance


The trains. The trains woke me up. And as the eastern sky began to lighten, I walked down the street, drawn like a moth to the lights of the laundromat.

Alpine, Texas
photographed 7.25.2016

Art and the sofa


This is in my favorite hotel room (that’s not odd, is it, to have a favorite hotel room?). And I can’t wait to get back down there…

Alpine, Texas
photographed 8.16.2013

PS – One of my regular commenters wondered what this looked like in color, so here you go (even though it’s still more or less monochrome:


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