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September 30

If you wanted to, you could try to find outdoor lighting fixtures that were completely of the 1970s. But I can save you the trouble.

near Quincy Market
Boston, Massachusetts

photographed 9.30.2010

September 29

Another sad house.

near Acuff, Texas

photographed 3.29.2010

September 28

Here’s another shot in my sporadic series of New Orleans, after Katrina. This is in West End, along Lake Pontchartrain.

New Orleans, Louisiana

photographed 4.1.2010

September 27

Seriously, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Normal people* would go to Mount Rushmore National Memorial and take a picture that looks like this:

And then, I go to Mount Rushmore and take a picture like this:


Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

photographed 10.18.2009

* As you probably know “normal people” is a demographic with which I am only theoretically familiar.

September 26

Let’s assume they named the place “Two Pines” because “A Bunch of Elms” was already taken.

Two Pines Mobile Home Park
rural Lubbock County, Texas

photographed 6.27.2009

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