September 27

Seriously, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Normal people* would go to Mount Rushmore National Memorial and take a picture that looks like this:

And then, I go to Mount Rushmore and take a picture like this:


Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

photographed 10.18.2009

* As you probably know “normal people” is a demographic with which I am only theoretically familiar.

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  1. Where’s the window washer?
    Did they think of that at first?
    I’m sure they did not.


  2. What a great shot of Mt. Rushmore. Not a single tired old cliche anywhere in view. No large stone noses, nor blown up sentiment. Not a trace of false history to be seen. Well done!


    • I have to say that I just didn’t GET Mt. Rushmore and I am pretty sure I would have liked the regular, un-carved mountain a lot better. But I suspect you figured that out!


      • Something suggested that might be the case. I was pretty impressed as a kid when I visited (probably mostly at the size of the idea), but now it is in the category of place that has a kind of force-field around it, repelling me from visiting.


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