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September 27

Seriously, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Normal people* would go to Mount Rushmore National Memorial and take a picture that looks like this:

And then, I go to Mount Rushmore and take a picture like this:


Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

photographed 10.18.2009

* As you probably know “normal people” is a demographic with which I am only theoretically familiar.

August 18

Let’s say, hypothetically, that you and your writing partner time your departure from your writing retreat at Windbreak House, near Hermosa, South Dakota, in time to be in Chadron, Nebraska, for lunch. Because – again, hypothetically – you’d stopped at the Bean Broker on the way up (just for coffee, though) and had decided it would be a perfect place to have lunch on the way back home.

That would put you in the neighborhood of Alliance, Nebraska, around mid-afternoon. Hypothetically. And you decide to take a gander through downtown, because why not. Turn on the right combination of streets, and you’ll see this. Hypothetically, which I may have mentioned.

Alliance, Nebraksa

photographed 10.23.2009, while returning from a writing retreat at Windbreak House.

March 1

Maybe you can’t tell from reading the blog, but I have studied writing. Yes! I really have.

I have been fortunate enough to have twice gone on writing retreats at Windbreak House, a writing retreat for women on writer Linda Hasslestrom’s ranch near Hermosa, South Dakota. Linda is an excellent and a tough-but-inspiring teacher; I am fortunate to have had the opportunities to study with her.

This shot is a (very) weathered door on an outbuilding on her ranch. (You didn’t really think I’d sit inside all day and write, when there were obviously things that needed photographing, did you?)

near Hermosa, South Dakota

photographed 10.21.2009

January 19

Oh, yeah – that’s one big wash woman!

Rapid City, South Dakota

photographed 10.19.2009

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