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creeping damp

It was a gray and dreary day, which made this non-gray and non-dreary find all the more exciting.

St. Joseph Street
New Orleans, Louisiana

photographed 4.12.2023

that was not a new leak

Based on the amount of slick green moss and rotting leaves in the large puddle next to the leaky fire hydrant, I am going to make a wild guess that maybe the leak’s not something that just started earlier that same morning.

A Report from the Research Department*: Google street view from December of 2021 does not show a leak.

corner of Commerce Street and St. Joseph Street
New Orleans, Louisiana

photographed 4.12.2023

*Me. I am the Research Department.

metal works

I was in New Orleans for work earlier this month. And of course I had a camera with me…

NOLA did not disappoint. It’s just full of interesting things to photograph, including this building on Annunciation Street.

(I lived in New Orleans for three years while I was in grad school. That was before I became a photographer, which is a real shame. And doubly so, since that master’s degree I just HAD to have isn’t even anything I ended up using.)  (Oh, well.) (That’s the way things go.)

New Orleans, Louisiana
photographed 4.11.2023

left alone too long

There are certain mundane things that I like to photograph – those self-service, drive-through car washes are on that list. I’m not sure why I always photograph them, especially since I almost never post those images.

So, as I wandered through Luther, Oklahoma, the other day, I spotted a car wash and pulled in to get some photos. And then, just on the very next lot, I saw these two old cars (which, ironically, were definitely unwashed) and the house in a state of abandonment.

And that’s how it ended up not being about the car wash at all.

Luther, Oklahoma
photographed 4.4.2023

except locks: he can’t help with locks

I don’t even want to admit how hard I laughed at this particular juxtaposition of signage. Apparently, he can’t help with locks?

Claremore, Oklahoma
photographed 4.5.2023

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